War and peace princess marya

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war and peace princess marya

Character profile for Maria Bolkonskaya from War and Peace (page 1)

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War & Peace - Marya

Unlike other wealthy young women her age, she has never gone out into society; and her only companion is a young French woman, Mademoiselle Bourienne. She lives in terror of angering or upsetting her father, but takes great comfort in her strong religious faith and deep love for her brother.
Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace Character List

An old maid of honor for the empress Maria Feodorovna, and one of Petersburg's most celebrated socialites. Her friends sometimes call her Annette. The middle-aged patriarch of the Kuragin family. He is intelligent, calculating, and will go to great lengths to benefit his family. General F. Prince Vassily's handsome, charismatic son.

Princess Maria, the sister of Prince Andrei Bolkonsky , is a deeply religious young woman who has resigned herself to an unmarried life to be with her domineering father, Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky. Princess Maria is a plain woman, whose lack of beauty is offset by her large, caring eyes. Kevin Corrigan sees Maria as an example of how "a face can be ugly and yet transfigured by beautiful eyes". An attempt to marry her off to the profligate Prince Anatole Kuragin fails. Princess Maria's father dies during the days leading to the battle of Borodino. The peasants on her estate threaten to become violent and Maria is rescued by Nikolai Rostov.


Anna Pavlovna Scherer


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  1. Andrei's younger sister, Marya, is terrorized by her father and becomes a deeply religious and self-doubting woman.

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