A clockwork orange summary and analysis

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a clockwork orange summary and analysis

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

A vicious fifteen-year-old droog is the central character of this 1963 classic. In Anthony Burgesss nightmare vision of the future, where criminals take over after dark, the story is told by the central character, Alex, who talks in a brutal invented slang that brilliantly renders his and his friends social pathology. A Clockwork Orange is a frightening fable about good and evil, and the meaning of human freedom. And when the state undertakes to reform Alex to redeem him, the novel asks, At what cost?

This edition includes the controversial last chapter not published in the first edition and Burgesss introduction A Clockwork Orange Resucked.
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A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (Book Summary and Review) - Minute Book Report

Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and list of the characters in A Clockwork Orange and in-depth analyses of Alex.
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A Clockwork Orange Study Guide

A Clockwork Orange , novel by Anthony Burgess , published in Set in a dismal dystopian England , it is the first-person account of a juvenile delinquent who undergoes state-sponsored psychological rehabilitation for his aberrant behaviour. The novel satirizes extreme political systems that are based on opposing models of the perfectibility or incorrigibility of humanity. Written in a futuristic slang vocabulary invented by Burgess, in part by adaptation of Russian words, it was his most original and best-known work. The novel opens in a totalitarian society where violent youths abound. Alex, the protagonist, has a passion for classical music and is a member of a vicious teen gang. At one point the group breaks into a cottage, beating a young writer and gang raping his wife, who later dies.

After Dr. If the movie-maker had previously terrified the censorship in with his version of Lolita, by Nabokov, his voluntary exile in England, however, allows him to perform his work with the financial support of the Warner Studios. Let us turn to the bottom of the story. Clockwork Orange is a fable built in three movements. The first movement describes the atrocities committed by Alex, a teenager who lives with his parents in a residential suburb.

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A Clockwork Orange takes place in a futuristic city governed by a repressive, totalitarian super-State., Easily Anthony Burgess 's most famous book - and his personal least favorite - A Clockwork Orange would have become a controversial work in the 20th-century canon even if not for Stanley Kubrick's stylized film adaptation.

Meet Alex. He's your typical English fifteen-year-old It's also not one of those books with clear, easy-to-understand language. Alex narrates to us in an odd slang called "nadsat" as he introduces his entourage of criminals—Peter, Georgie, and Dim—and proceeds to take us on an eye-opening journey of ultra-violent crimes inflicted upon helpless innocent people. After get hopped up on milk, the intoxicated Alex and Co. Back at the bar, Alex then gets into a fist fight with Dim and Georgie, who're unhappy with his arrogance. But it's late and the gang retires for the night, leaving in their wake several hospitalizations, a wrecked car, a good amount of road kill thanks to their reckless driving , wrecked houses, emotional trauma, and a death.

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  1. A Clockwork Orange, novel by Anthony Burgess, published in It is set in a dismal dystopian England and presents a first-person account of a juvenile.

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