Famous black kings and queens

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famous black kings and queens

100 Great African Kings and Queens by Pusch Commey

Volume one of 100 GREAT AFRICAN KINGS AND QUEENS chronicle the amazing exploits of 10 extraordinary monarchs of the African continent. Spanning over 2000 years they range from Makeda, the magnificent Queen of Sheba, to the fearsome King Shaka of the Zulus. There is the famous last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra V11 of Egypt, and there is the richest man who ever lived, Emperor Mansa Musa of Mali. Khufu of Egypts pyramid of Giza continues to confound scientists, while the warrior Queen Yaa Asantewaa shames men. These extraordinary representatives of a massive African and World civilization celebrate a shared humanity without borders. The story of each is skillfully crafted to make it as readable as a fine thriller, teachable, and enjoyable. Subsequent volumes comprising 90 more Monarchs will complete this fascinating narrative of the greatest African Kings and Queens.
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Egypt's Lost Queens (Ancient Egypt Documentary) - Timeline

5 Most Powerful African Kings From History

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Among those leaders were queens that led their kingdoms with precision and power. Their leadership has left an indelible mark on history. We take a look at some of the most dynamic ancient African queens. Queen Aminatu, daughter of Bakwa Turunku, was a great Hausa warrior. Her mother built the capital of Zazzau.

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1. Imhotep – Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt from 2200 BC

Africa is a region with a long and glorious history, with hundreds of distinct cultures and traditions. From the Egyptians to the Zulus each culture has produced some of the greatest warriors and most powerful leaders in the world. From discerning tradesmen to distinguished scholars — here are just a few of the fascinating figures from African history of legendary African rulers. Hatshepsut was the only child of Pharaoh Thutmose I and his primary wife, and she was married to Thutmose II a half-brother by a secondary wife. As queen consort she already assumed many of the roles of pharaoh, but after the death of her husband she formally adopted the title in BC. She was well educated, understood the religion of her people, and as the daughter, sister AND wife to kings she had an undeniable blood-right to the position.

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