Country music and low iq

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country music and low iq

Iq Quotes (47 quotes)

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Published 10.01.2019

Classical Music for Brain Power - Mozart

Unscientific study finds country, hip-hop music 'makes you dumb'

Admirers of Beethoven, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Folds, U2 and Radiohead, meanwhile, should get ready to post this for all their friends on Facebook in between writing witty treatises for literary magazines and make copies to distribute at their next Mensa meeting. Hey, I didn't come up with this evaluation that hit the Internet earlier this year, but it's good for some interesting reading and a snicker or two. Anyway, this uber-popular geek who's also conducted a "books that make you dumb" study has compared favorite bands of students at 1, colleges -- based on Facebook listings -- with average SAT test scores to come up with a chart that displays where artists fall on the smart to not-so-smart spectrum. The results are eyebrow-raising, to say the least. Listeners of country and hip-hop artists mostly rank in the bottom half of SAT scores.

Posted by Greg Kennelty on October 24, at pm. We've seen some fun studies before, like the study that proves metal fans and classical fans have the same personality , drummers are natural intellectuals and that metal makes you happy. But this one is pretty unique. Software application writer Virgil Griffith was tired of people arguing about which music fans are the smartest, so he did a pretty big study to figure out the truth once and for all. It's not exactly scientific but Griffith took the SAT scores from three colleges around the country. Based on that info, he went to the Facebook pages of all the students listed in the study and ranked their "liked" musicians based on their SAT scores to figure out where they would chart in terms of intelligence. Unfortunately if you're a fan of Disturbed , you're at the bottom of the metal fans… sorry guys!

According to studies carried out at the University of Texas, the music you listen to reveals a lot about your character. People who listen to blues, classical, folk and jazz music are often unathletic, liberal and intelligent. It was also seen that the people in this category are more open to new experiences. The listeners were seen to be agreeable, extroverted and principled. They tend to see themselves as attractive, wealthy, athletic and politically conservative. On the plus side, this group is the least prone to depression.

With all the talk about self-improvement these days, people don't pay enough attention to self-worsening. In fact, there are many common behaviors that have been shown in one or more studies to make people stupider.
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What the Music You Listen to Says About You

What your musical taste says about your IQ. Whether it is classical music, film soundtracks, ambient, smooth jazz or even big band, people who like music without the human voice have higher IQs. For example, while opera is often seen as complex and high-brow, people who like it are no more intelligent than those that hate it. On the other extreme, as suspected, preference for rap music is significantly negatively correlated with intelligence. The results come from a survey of 1, people who rated 18 different genres of music, along with taking an intelligence test. A second similar survey of thousands of year-olds and their musical preferences was carried out in the UK in the s. The explanation for this link between IQ and musical preferences may go back into our evolutionary past.

As it turns out, many factors throughout our lives affect our IQ scores — and our IQ scores can greatly affect the outcome of our lives. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals was shown to do the opposite. Summer holidays can drop your IQ. Lower IQ scores are linked to more suicidal feelings. People with low and high IQ scores can work almost any job at almost any level. Creative potential can be revealed in an IQ test. Family 2.

Roger Solett - and he bases his startling claim on the results of a study of 1, kids! Solett is the former director of the prestigious Chopin Symphony and a professor of music. He said he and his research team gave IQ tests to 6-year-olds whose parents played country music in the house or car daily. It's just wild people banging on drums and strumming guitars in both cases. Lots of howling. Lots of noise.

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