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shane and bob street outlaws

Chance Fortune and the Outlaws by Shane Berryhill

For as long as he can remember, fourteen-year-old Joshua Blevins has wanted to be a superhero. He has the brains, the passion, and the heart. Theres only one problem: he doesnt have any superpowers. But Josh isnt about to let that stop him.
Determined not to give up on his dream, Josh enlists the aid of his mentor, Captain Fearless, a retired costumed adventurer, to gain entrance to the Burlington Academy for the Superhuman under the false identity of Chance Fortune--a superhuman with the power of having unnaturally good luck.
Masquerading as Chance, Josh rises among the ranks of his fellow students at the Academy, eventually becoming the leader of his own combat team, the Outlaws. Together, Chance and his teammates Psy-Chick, Shocker, Gothika, Space Cadet, Iron Maiden, and Private Justice make new friends, battle new enemies, and ultimately find themselves caught up in a struggle for the fate of the universe. Can Chance and the Outlaws save the universe--AND survive their freshman year?
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Street Outlaw SHANE Ditched the Big Tires! This should be fun...

The Last Footage of Street Outlaws Shane and Bob Before The Big Crash!

And there was never any doubt that his return would be behind the wheel of another Blackbird Chevrolet Vega, featuring a massive F-3R ProCharger force-feeding a horsepower Gen 1-style small block V8. The suddenly rear-steering Blackbird violently yawed off-course and into a gut-wrenching series of flips and rolls at over mph. Other than a severe concussion, and a few minor injuries, Shane survived the Sayre accident in reasonably good nick. Running an outlaw street racer through a family team that is mostly supported by a small ATV and motorcycle dealership in a high-plains town of only 12, residents was already expensive enough. But for Shane to have to start over from scratch after the Sayre crash? No one would have blamed him had he just walked away.

Throwback Thursday too PRI last year. This picture was taken about 3am outside some strip club,after i had enough drinks to take days off of my life. Shortly after this pic was taken we all piled in a uber,together which was quiet the experience in itself. Thanks to all of the Outlaws and to the army of fans who stopped by the North Hall That wrinkle though! What a marvelous Monday!

Shane McAlary from Street Outlaws has been married to Ashley who has been supporting his career of street racing. Talking about support, his father, Rex McAlary has been there for him since his childhood. Watch the video to know more about his life story. Tags: shane mcalary wife shane mcalary street outlaws street outlaws shane shane mcalary net worth shane macalary car shane mcalary bio shane macalry street outlaws Chevrolet Vega shane mcalary The Black Bird Vega shane street outlaws 77 Vega street outlaws shane father Rex McAlary street outlaws shane crashes street outlaws shane Bob street outlaws shane married street outlaws shane wife shane kids, shane family eCelebrityFacts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search for:.

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Street Outlaws Shane "BlackBird Vega" CRASHES at $100K Race Vs. Big Chief

Shane and his awesome ProCharged Vega known as the Blackbird have been a constant Shane and his awesome ProCharged Vega known as the Blackbird have been a constant presence on Street Outlaws for several seasons now. The video below shows a couple of solid passes at Thunder Valley Raceway Park and a nice close-up walk around video of the car in the pits. You can see in this footage from Outlaw Armageddon just how well the car works. With a ton of ProCharger-fed power on tap, the car still plants the tire, even on the unprepped surface in the Oklahoma sunshine, and digs hard, while many of the other cars that were there struggled with traction issues throughout the weekend.

We all know Shane and love his gorgeous and very fast, ProCharged Vega, nicknamed Blackbird, and when we found out that it has been heavily damaged during the Outlaw Armageddon 3 we were honestly sorry, since like we have said numerous times, we have seen the process of building a race car first hand, and we know how much pain blood sweat and tears make up a race car, so anytime we see one destroyed, we feel the pain of the owner. To be truly honest, we have still not heard a confirmation about the severity of the crash, meaning whether the car will be able to be salvaged or most of it or will it be cheaper to just scrap it and build it from the bottom up, a Blackbird 2. In the meantime, let us enjoy one of the last runs of the famous Vega, and hope to see it in action again soon. Thanks for sharing my videos!!! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

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  1. I am the driver of The Black Bird Vega on Discovery Channels Street Outlaws. My co-pilot, Bob, and I have been working our way to the top of the list on Street.

  2. Shane and his awesome ProCharged Vega known as the Blackbird have been a constant presence on Street Outlaws for several seasons now.

  3. After a violent crash, Shane McAlary of Street Outlaws comes back with Shane originally invited Bob home to prank his wife, Ashley.

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