History of dashain and tihar

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history of dashain and tihar

Tihar/ Dashain/ Diwali festival (11 books)

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Published 10.01.2019

Tihar an Introduction of 5-days long Nepali festival

Dashain Festival

There are hundreds of festivals which are celebrated throughout the year in Nepal. Being a multi-religious country, Nepal celebrates every festival with a great deal of celebration. In Nepal, Hinduism is the main religion, followed by Buddhism. Christianity, Sikhism, Kiranti are some of the other religion. Festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Christmas, Udhauli and Ubhauli which belongs to the different ethnicity of a different religion are celebrated in Nepal. And, among hundreds of that festival, Dashain is the greatest among all and the longest too.

Why is Dashain celebrated?

This is the longest Hindu festival in Nepal, traditionally celebrated for two weeks with prayers and offerings to Durga, the Universal Mother Goddess. Dashain honors the Goddess Durga, who was created out of the shakti or energy of all the gods, armed with weapons from each of them. Goddess Durga, symbolizing valor and prowess, is worshipped and offered sacrifices to ensure the devotees' progress and prosperity. During the first ten days, pilgrims flock to various river confluences early in the morning and sacred shrines in the evening. Ghatasthapana, Phool Pati, Mahaastami, Nawami and Vijaya Dashami are the series of the events under Dashain each marked with a different set of rituals. During Dashain, men and women in their fineries visit their elders to seek tika a dab of red vermilion mixed with yogurt and rice accompanied by blessings. Sword precessions Paayaa are also held in various part of the Kathmandu Valley.

Dashain, also known as Bijaya Dashami, is the grandest, longest and most auspicious festival in Nepal. Similar to Chinese Spring Festival, Dashain is celebrated by the whole country for the goddess Durgar's victory over the demon Mahishasura. In addition to worship the Goddess Durga, Nepalis will hold celebrations for the fertility of the land and a year of good harvest. Meanwhile, Dasain has also emphasized the importance of family reunion, which is helpful to ease social contradictions. All the government agencies, educational institutions and other public sectors will be closed down during this festival period.

Dashain Festival is one of the most important Hindu festival which is celebrated all over Nepal delightfully. This festival usually falls in the month of September or October and is actually celebrated for 15 days. It starts from bright lunar fortnight Shukla Paksha and ends on the day of full moon Poornima according to Nepalese annual calendar. Hindus greatest festival, Dashain honors a great conquest of the gods over the evil demons. The symbol of power, Goddess Durga is worshiped during this festival. And, the first nine day of Dashain represents the constant battle between vice and virtue.

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