Lucky luke and jolly jumper

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lucky luke and jolly jumper

Jag Jolly Jumper : Morris & Goscinny by Morris

The Belgian author Morris (full name Maurice de Bevere) is best known for his humorous cowboy character, Lucky Luke. Morris started his career in 1945 in Le Moustique, creating various covers and illustrations. By the end of the 1940s, Morris met his colleagues Jijé, Franquin and Will. These four artists would be called The Gang of 4, because they all worked in Jijés studio at that time. The first episode of Lucky Luke, Arizona 1880, was published in LAlmanach Spirou 1947, and was later continued in Spirou. In his early Lucky Luke comics, Morris was greatly inspired by animated cartoons à la Disney.
In 1949, Jijé took Morris and Franquin to the US, where Morris met Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman, whom he helped with their plans for Mad Magazine. He also met René Goscinny in the US. In 1955, Morris returned to Europe and collaborated with René Goscinny on Lucky Luke. Goscinny wrote the scenarios of over 35 stories, which led to the great success of the series.
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Overview Jolly Jumper is Lucky Luke's horse, he is white and he has brown sorts on his bottom.

Jolly Jumper

Not to be confused with the Jolly Jumper brand Baby jumper. Described as "the smartest horse in the world" and able to perform tasks such as chess -playing and tightrope walking , Jolly Jumper accompanies his master in their travels across the Wild West , and delivers frequent quips. Jolly Jumper first appeared along with Lucky Luke in the story Arizona , published in the Almanach issue of the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou on December 7, Jolly Jumper is a white horse with a brownish spot on his left side and a blond mane. He dislikes dogs, as seen in Sur la piste des Daltons where he continuously directs offensive comments towards the unintelligent prison-dog Rantanplan.

Lucky Luke is a Franco-Belgian School Western comic book series created in by graphic artist Morris, who at first did both art and writing. It began as a semi-serious comic with a rugged cowboy hero, lots of gunplay and occasional almost-onscreen deaths. To know about the people and tropes Lucky Luke meets in his adventures, go to the Western Characters page and start from the top. Seriously, they're all there, gleefully parodied and occasionally played straight. But, while those make for the generic background crowds, one of the main points of the series is the number of historical characters Luke regularly meets and who most of the time take center stage in the story. Over the years they have included Judge Roy Bean who owns a bar and acts as self-appointed "judge", complete with fake court proceedings, to extort money from locals

Lucky Luke: Daisy Town, is a slapstick western that finds our hero, Lucky Luke, and his trusty talking horse, Jolly Jumper, residing as sheriff and sidekick in Daisy Town, now a boring little town because Luke has cleaned it up so well. But, as fate would have it, the four outlaw Dalton brothers get out of prison only to seek revenge on the man who put them there, Lucky Luke. The sheriff prevails and sends the bumbling outlaws back to jail, saving Daisy Town and keeping peace with the Indians as well.
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Books with Jolly Jumper

Morris - The creator Authors Books 8 key dates Characters. Lucky Luke. Jolly Jumper. Rin Tin Can. Calamity Jane. Billy the Kid. Yes, Lucky Luke is a cowboy, the quintessential cowboy: surrounded by an aura of mystery, fearless, exemplary and staunchly lonesome.

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  1. Not to be confused with the Jolly Jumper brand Baby jumper. Jolly Jumper is a horse character in the Franco-Belgian comics series Lucky Luke, created by.

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