Gold dust signs and wonders

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gold dust signs and wonders

Signs and Wonders: New Waves of Gods Glory by Bill L. Vincent

The reason being is that Bill didnt even believe in any manifested signs & wonders. Bill Vincent was a Pastor in Litchfield, IL and was invited to a David Herzog meeting. They said to him come on there will be gold dust in the meeting. Bill responded, What is that for? Bill told them he wanted something tangible from God not some gold dust. Little did he know gold dust was definitely from God? You will either love it or hate it, but all of this book is backed up with the truth of scripture. Bill has experienced some of the most glorious times in Gods presence. Bill has seen and has been a Sign and Wonder. God has shown His awesome wonders to and through Bill so much that it seems like a dream. Whether its gold dust, multi-colored dust, gold flakes, gold nuggets, feathers, glory clouds, misting rain, gemstones, diamonds, mounted rings and more. Gods Glory can manifest some of the most strange but real Signs. Bill has been told by some ministers that have experienced signs and wonders that we were blessed greatly to see all that weve seen. God moved more in this type of manifestations more when it was just a few people. Bill believes it is because of the unity we had. It takes pressing in unity together for God, that brings His Glory and releases His signs and wonders. We will have full color pictures of signs and wonders that have happened since 2008. We believe and hope you will to. In Gods Glory anything can happen. God wanted Bill to say this here. You read this book expecting signs and wonders to happen and they will.
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Miracles & Glory! Gold dust, Angels, gems?

These are awesome supernatural signs and wonders that have been taking place. I have also seen the supernatural gold (glory) dust appear on me and others.
Bill L. Vincent

Are manifestations of ‘gold dust’ lying signs and wonders?

Joyous belief or skeptical reservation? God is going to offend our expectation and our intellects as he invades our comfort zones and destructs human controlled systems. God is moving the church from a place of expectation to an culture of expectancy. An expectation has a pre-determined outcome attached to it. For example, I have an expectation that the sun is going to set tonight.

It is made clear in Scripture that services meetings are to be orderly. Furthermore, a true move of the Holy Spirit of God brings confession and repentance, transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through an every-day and continuous renewal of our hearts and minds. Not glory clouds, angel feathers, unruly tongues, or muscle spasms. At the least, they are indicative of a human deception. At the worst, of an unholy anointing , and not the anointing of the true God. In many cases, it leads people into completely abandoning the proper study of Scripture, and it renders them incapable of hearing the true voice of God.

It is our prayer that the entire body of Christ come to the correct knowledge and understanding of the Word of God on the subjects of spiritual gifts and signs and wonders and demonstrate the power of the Kingdom of God through love and the special gifts He has given to His church. To answer this call and pursue to live and demonstrate the Kingdom of God through His gifts and signs and wonders comes with great price. But, it is a price we willingly pay. The following statements on gifts, signs and wonders and other related topics are not intended to be exhaustive. If you have questions or comments after reading these statements, please contact the church at contact valleyharvestchurch. Valley Harvest Church does not seek after signs and wonders or any other supernatural manifestation.

Down through the ages few things have captivated the minds and hearts of mankind as GOLD.
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Chronicling today's miracles, signs, wonders, visions, and supernatural encounters

Life Supernatural. A shimmering, dust-like deposit of gold and silver has been showing up for quite some time, and now appears in just about every meeting. Gold dust actually began to appear upon my hands as I started writing the angelic wonders chapter Angels also carry this shimmering substance, which is no doubt abundant in heaven, to us from the glory of God. And the stones and shimmering particles that we see are also mentioned throughout Scripture. One of those places is the foundational stones of heaven:.

They were taken a few days ago. I have seen gold dust miracles before. These three pictures have a lot of golden flakes. I have serious doubts its a real miracle. Maybe somebody thought it would be amusing to trick the True Believers in the congregation with a fake gold miracle. Maybe even the person who found the gold planted it there themselves.

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