Pictures of drugs and money

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pictures of drugs and money

Drugs Quotes (857 quotes)

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Published 09.01.2019

Chase Atlantic- Drugs & Money (lyrics)

We Got This.

Woman posted pictures of herself ‘smoking during drugs sesh’ in hospital

With all the cocaine bricks in front of him, you couldn't see anything below Joseph Martella's waist. There were so many—, to be exact—that it looked like he could practically ascend them like a small staircase. It was March 21, and the uniformed Customs and Border Protection CBP official based in Philadelphia was showing off the carefully organized spoils of a massive drug bust as assorted men in suits looked on. His hair was immaculately combed. The numbers, at least, were impressive: Those bricks fit into 13 large black duffel bags. That's In both cases, journalists took photographs and recorded videos of federal law-enforcement officials speaking to the media from beside neat piles of bricks of confiscated cocaine.

Social media has completely rewritten the way the world communicates, with human contact and connections being boiled down to algorithms and jargon that are broadcast from a device that fits into the palm of our hands.
hillary and tenzing climbing to the roof of the world

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Mark Farrell had just stepped off a train and was walking through San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza when he felt something strange under his foot. He looked down and discovered in horror a discarded syringe stuck to the sole of his shoe. To his relief, the needle hadn't pierced through his shoe — which could have exposed him to a variety of serious diseases — but it was nonetheless a jarring experience. Open drug use has exploded in San Francisco in recent years, enraging residents who complain of having to step over people injecting heroin in train stations and to traverse a seemingly unending series of tent villages on sidewalks and bike paths. The problem has ballooned into a public health crisis, officials say, leaving elected leaders scrambling for solutions as discarded needles pile up in the streets. The issue has also tested San Francisco's image as a liberal, compassionate urban oasis, and underscores a broader trend in large California cities that have been grappling with rising homelessness and drug use on their streets. Public drug use in San Francisco was thrust into the spotlight last week when a series of shocking videos uploaded to YouTube showed dozens of drug users, seemingly unaware that they were being filmed, sprawled out in a Bay Area Rapid Transit station and openly injecting drugs as commuters walked past.

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  1. CNN In January , President Donald Trump accused the pharmaceutical industry of "getting away with murder" with high price increases, and promised to do something about it.

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