If candy and nuts were

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if candy and nuts were

Quote by Kinley MacGregor: “Well, if ifs and nuts were candy and nuts, then...”

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Published 09.01.2019

Brooke Candy - Nuts (Official Vídeo)

If Ifs and Buts Are Candy and Nuts, Your Top-10 Team Could Get an NC For X-Mas

Unlike our real lives, our writing lives allow for do-overs. A fiction writer puts characters on the page and lets them create their own actions, events, and consequences. What might that create? This is the grace that comes to the fiction writer—the blessing of being able to rearrange a narrative. Never do we have to settle for our first choice. We can lead a character into one situation and then go back and create another choice for that character, thereby leading them into a completely different situation. Everything is fluid.

This catchy little aphorism was House Speaker John Boehner's answer to reporters' questions on Thursday, regarding the likelihood of a near term deal to get America's government back to work and to raise the debt ceiling, which is officially due to expire on 17 October. His point being that there was still a way to go before agreement could be reached. As I write Friday 11th , the talk is of a short-term bill which would do both, but the Republicans haven't abandoned hopes that they can come out of all this having forced reductions in spending, maybe even on Obamacare , and agreement to tax reform. Although they might send a so-called 'clean bill' extending the debt ceiling to November 22nd to the Senate, which would be acceptable to the Senate and the President, they also want to tie agreement to re-opening the government, via a Continuing resolution' CR , to a successful conclusion to the spending and tax negotiations. The President has said he won't yield to threats and he's unlikely to agree to negotiations without a 'clean' CR. So, 'there's many a slip twixt cup and lip' to quote a somewhat older aphorism with the same meaning as Boehner's. Washington's impasse can be having nothing but detrimental effects upon the real economy.

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Well, I'd like to rephrase that a bit and say that if ifs and buts are candy and nuts, your top team might have a shot at a national championship game. Not all of these scenarios are likely, but there are at least plausible scenarios where every one of the top 10 teams could have a shot at the BCS National Championship Game. Want to know how your top team could bring you a national championship? If all the things happen that need to happen to the teams in front, but your team wins out, here's how your team could make it. IF: Well for you there are no ifs. It doesn't matter what happens elsewhere.

Creating a motivating momentum that will squash the 'ifs' and 'buts' can be very effective in client retention when you tackle it from two fronts simultaneously. By cementing the long term and short term goals clearly identified in their minds with benefits vividly painted AND providing the spice and variety of challenges, achievements and recognition in their sessions with you. As trainers, we've heard just about all the excuses in the book and then some. Unfortunately, it's human nature to find the path of least resistance and to fall back into our comfort ruts. Once a client has stopped coming to class and we look back over the conversations of the past months, we can see a progression of subtle hints disguised as jokes, overflowing responsibility and even doubts. If we haven't helped address those statements and cement the client's commitment to exercise, it will be no surprise that they don't follow through.

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  1. A 17th century nursery rhyme (this is an updated version): “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If turnips were watches, I'd wear one by.

  2. Or is today a day of not fitting into clothes and hating having photos taken on your summer vacation because of skin disorders or excess weight?

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