A little peace and quiet

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a little peace and quiet

Little Peace and Quiet by Madean Moon

Dr. Anne Locke has saved countless lives in her inner-city practice—and wounded her own spirit in the process. Moving to a small Oklahoma town to restore the Victorian house she has just bought seems like the perfect change of pace.

Then handsome stranger David Huerra entered Annes life. He, too, is drawn to her extraordinary house, and to Anne. But their growing passion is threatened when they come upon a centuries-dead skeleton, clad in magnificent Native American armor. AU too soon it becomes clear that Anne and David have unwittingly let loose the armors terrifying guardian, spirits. In order to rid their lives of the evil presence, they must join together—to create a powerful love.
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Twilight Zone Peace And Quiet - THE BEST ONE

Kill Bill: Vol. Sign in. We gaze into our crystal ball to look at seven Toronto International Film Festival titles to watch for come awards season.
Madean Moon

Twilight Zone – A Little Peace and Quiet (09/27/85)

Judith Barsi : Bertie. Penny is a harried housewife with a dim-witted and hapless husband named Russell. They also have four children: Janet and Susan, who are always fighting; Bertie, who is very clumsy; and Russell Jr. Penny's typical morning consists of preparing breakfast for her family, listening to arguing children, dealing with Russell Jr. One day, Penny goes to work in her garden while her neighbor loudly removes tree limbs with a chainsaw.

Wouldn't it be great to have the time to finish a thought or spin a daydream? To think out loud without being required to explain exactly what you meant?
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Some are intentional, some are not, but all are good fun. The problem with episodes that feature despicable characters or skin-crawling scenarios is that you are stuck with them.




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