Rawles on retreats and relocation

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rawles on retreats and relocation

Rawles on Retreats and Relocation by James Wesley, Rawles

Rawles on Retreats and Relocation. This well-researched 226 page book includes the following: Introduction Chapter 1: Population Density and The Golden Horde Chapter 2: The Self-Sufficient Retreat Chapter 3: Climate and Growing Season Chapter 4: Water, Power, and Fuel Sources Chapter 5: Property, Income, and Sales Taxes Chapter 6: Weapons Laws Chapter 7: Zoning Laws and Other Nuisances Chapter 8: Terrorist Target Structures Chapter 9: World War Three Target Structures Chapter 10: Offshore Options Chapter 11: Privacy is Paramount Chapter 12: Narrowing Your Search Chapter 13: Making The Purchase Chapter 14: Building (or Remodeling) a Retreat Chapter 15: Stocking Your Retreat Chapter 16: Food Storage Chapter 17: Friends, Relatives, and Neighbors Appendix A: Retreat Owner Profiles Appendix B: Sources, Suppliers, and Consultants Appendix C: References Appendix D: Acronyms and Terms Index
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Gold, Cryptos, Censorship, & Strategic Relocation During the Real Estate Bubble - James Rawles

Rawles on Retreats and Relocation

The short answer is: There is none. Like buying a pair of boots, the decision has as much to do with the size and shape of the foot as it does the maker of the boots. Everyone has their personal needs and expectations, as well as their own ideas of how a retreat should be configured. See my Profiles page for many examples that show this diversity. Some folks like the feeling of privacy provided by a wall of trees where others would feel claustrophobic. Some need the stimulation of exposure to the arts, while others could care less. And some have good health, while others need to live close to medical specialists.

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A retreat is a place of refuge for those in the survivalist subculture or movement. A retreat is also sometimes called a bug-out location BOL. Survivalist retreats are intended to be self-sufficient and easily defended, and are generally located in sparsely populated rural areas. While fallout shelters have been advocated since the s, dedicated self-sufficient survivalist retreats have been advocated only since the mids. The survival retreat concept has been touted by a number of influential survivalist writers including Ragnar Benson , Barton Biggs , Bruce D. With the increasing inflation of the s, the impending US monetary devaluation , the continuing concern with possible nuclear exchanges between the US and the Soviet Union , and the increasing vulnerability of urban centers to supply shortages and other systems failures, a number of primarily conservative and libertarian thinkers began suggesting that individual preparations would be wise. This was further reinforced by the effort on the part of the U.

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