Far and away land rush

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far and away land rush

Far and Away by Sonja Massie

I never knew this existed until I googled it, as it never came up when looking for it in books. I was shocked to find it, as I have been watching this film for years.

Novelizations don’t seem to be a big a thing these days, unless you’re looking at a superhero tie in, and most of those recent films, I haven’t liked. I wish they were a bigger thing, as I love them.

This leaves out the dreadful Irish accents and instead brings out extended scenes/dialogue and brand new scenes for those familiar with the film, from the original screenplay. I was expecting this to be a blow-by-blow repeat of the film, but enjoyed the additional scenes including a sweet epilogue, more back story to certain characters and more about what happened after Joseph lost his boxing match to the Italian.

I do reckon that at least three quarters of these scenes should have been left in the film, instead of being left on the cutting room floor. There were a couple that didn’t lend much to the story or move it forward, but I really did enjoy them and it was nice to have further insight into what could have been included in the film. It was also brilliant to see characters left behind in Ireland/Boston, reappear in the lead up to the ending - I especially enjoyed Molly, the owner of the whorehouse in Boston. She was an overlooked character and most of her backstory and additional scenes from her POV are included here.

I do enjoy this book a little more than the film, even if the film has been a favourite of mine since I was a youngster. I think the extended/additional scenes will make you view the film differently and you will read this with a smile on your face and remember the film fondly.

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Far and Away clip (1992)

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Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Edit Far and Away Showing all 17 items. Director Ron Howard wasn't happy with Nicole Kidman 's facial reaction during the shooting of the scene where her character lifts the bowl covering Joseph's her husband Tom Cruise 's crotch.

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It's depressing that such a lavish and expensive production, starring an important actor like Tom Cruise , could be devoted to such a shallow story. Do they think audiences have entirely lost their wits? The movie stars Cruise as Joseph, son of a poor working man in Ireland. When his father cannot pay the rent on the land, the family's home is burned down by goons working for the landlord. Joseph vows vengeance and goes off to murder the man and is bid a cheerful farewell by the entire village, so little does he conceal his intentions.

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