Warrior cats firestar and scourge

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warrior cats firestar and scourge

Firestar Quotes (29 quotes)

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Battle with Bloodclan (animation)

If Firestar was raised by Scourge

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The Rise of Scourge is a stand-alone manga that details the rise to power of the BloodClan leader, Scourge. It is drawn by Bettina Kurkoski. Tiny is the smallest of Quince's litter of three cats , which also includes Socks and Ruby. His brother and sister constantly bully him because of his size. Later, humans come to adopt Socks and Ruby, but they leave Tiny. His siblings tell him that as an unwanted kitten, he will be thrown into the river.

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He becomes from an aggressive cold blooded killer to a neat uncle who can tell really cool stories as the series goes on. He, along with the deputy Graystripe, are bound to come across situations that pretty uncommon with actual clan leaders lol. Also, I read all of your tags and comments on the last post about this AU and I want to say thank you guys!!! An AU where Scourge rose to power due to his ability to tame the alley dogs and use them as weapons. Scourge took a surprising amount of pity on him and took on a slight guardian role as Rusty was adjusting to living outside. He taught Rusty how to hunt, how to fight, but for the most part leaves him to his own devices.

Okay so we all know that firestar and scourge are half-brothers. I had a soft spot for Mosskit and decided to add her into the story. Oh I know there are a few people who say don't put the allegiances from the books in the story because most people know them. I know them I just like to have it there as a reference and I'm adding characters who will appear either by name or description. Not every cat from each clan will be put in the allegiances.

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  1. Tigerstar's new weapon, a handsome one at that, captures young Firestar's heart firestar. firestarxscourge. scourge. scourgexfirestar. transgender. warriorcats.

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