Difference between professional and unprofessional business practices

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difference between professional and unprofessional business practices

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Published 08.01.2019

Legal vs Ethic (with examples)

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What does it mean to be a professional? Some say signs of a professional include standing up straight, looking the part, speaking with authority, or a firm hand shake. Although those are all behaviors and characteristics that can help you out in the workplace, professionalism is so much more than that. A publication by Mindtools uses terms like honesty, integrity, competency, accountability, and self-regulation to describe a professional. Based on this and other research pertaining to the topic, we can conclude that all-in-all, a professional acts and speaks appropriately when appropriate. The basic rules of acting right at work are usually not the one's most workers have trouble abiding by. With all of the business ethics and professionalism courses in college, and all of the employee conduct forms and handbooks, basic expectations within a workplace have become somewhat clear.

Values are subjective guidelines that people use to decide which things are good and which are bad. Something that lives up to a value is considered good while anything that fails to live up to that value is considered bad. Ethics, on the other hand, are guidelines for conduct. A group of professions will generally agree on a formal or informal set of ethical guidelines and take breaches of these guidelines very seriously. Values and ethics come from different sources. A person's values come from his own experiences and reflections, whereas a person's ethics come from whatever group he belongs to. If John dislikes the fact that he had to wait 30 minutes at a restaurant for a meal, then the service at the restaurant did not live up to his value of speedy service.

At work, ethical behavior is the legal and moral code guiding employee behavior. Being a professional requires more than wearing a nice suit. It requires ethical behavior that drives interactions with other employees, customers and leadership. It also guides how someone performs her job. Ethical behavior guides whether someone will perform minor infractions if she feels no one is watching.

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