Sound science and global warming

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sound science and global warming

Sound And Fury: The Science And Politics Of Global Warming by Patrick J. Michaels

The popular vision of an approaching apocalypse caused by global warming has no scientific foundation, says Patrick J. Michaels. Those who warn of a catastrophic greenhouse effect - such as Sen. Al Gore - can justify neither their fears nor their blueprints for dramatically interfering with the U.S. and world economies. Sound and Fury criticizes science by sound bite and congressional show trials complete with testimony that has not been peer reviewed according to scientific standards. Among the misconceptions exposed is the claim that most scientists subscribe to the apocalyptic vision of global warming. Rather, the consensus is the opposite: the Popular Vision is unscientific, Michaels writes. Even Greenpeaces survey of scientists who participated in the major United Nations study of climate change found that only 13 percent of the respondents believe that failure to change our energy use would result in a runaway greenhouse effect. Michaels shows that the slight warming over the last century has been far less than the prophets of the apocalypse would expect - throwing the reliability of their computer climate models into doubt - that most of it happened before industrys massive carbon dioxide emissions began, and that most of the warming is at night, when it produces benign effects such as longer growing seasons. In other words, the warming that has resulted from natural climatic processes is good. Among other points brought out in this pathbreaking book: for most of the last billion years, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration was greater than it is today. Carbon dioxide, far from being a pollutant, makes plants grow. Research shows that enhanced CO[subscript 2]concentrations make plants grow better. The result: cheaper, more plentiful food. Proposed policies to prevent global warming would be the greatest centrally planned social engineering experiment in history. Before we impose a trillion-dollar plan on our economy to fix a dubious problem,
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ESS3D - Global Climate Change

Learn how and why global warming contrarians spread misinformation about climate science Setting the record straight with sound, science-based evidence .
Patrick J. Michaels

Grounding nature-based climate solutions in sound biodiversity science

Climate change research can be daunting and depressing. How can climate researchers convey the urgency and importance of their message? Some of them have turned to music. In , Daniel Crawford, of the University of Minnesota, turned years of climate data into a cello piece. Two years later, he created a new piece for string quartet , where each instrument performs temperature data from a certain part of the Northern hemisphere.

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Media pundits, partisan think tanks, and special interest groups funded by fossil fuel and related industries raise doubts about the truth of global warming. These contrarians downplay and distort the evidence of climate change, demand policies that allow industries to continue polluting, and attempt to undercut existing pollution standards. Together with its members and supporters, UCS actively fights misrepresentations of climate science and provides sound, science-based evidence to set the record straight, including resources to help you communicate the real facts about global warming. Major fossil fuel companies have known for decades that their products—oil, natural gas, and coal—cause global warming. Their own scientists told them so more than 30 years ago. In response, they decided to deceive shareholders, politicians, and the public—you!

To the jaded onlooker, effects of noise pollution seems to have no correlation whatsoever to global warming, or does it? Global warming is a pretty fancy term, but what it means simply is, temperatures are rising, the whole world is warming up, glaciers are melting, water levels are rising fast and a host of other weird things are happening, Well why should you care? I mean, so what if water levels are rising? For starters, this can lead to flooding and flood waters in extreme cases, can swallow houses up to the roof. Global warming also means dirtier air, which equates to higher death rates for asthmatics and worse health for people with cardiac or pulmonary diseases. Because greenhouse gases in moderate quantities are in fact beneficial.

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  1. The popular vision of an approaching apocalypse caused by global warming has no scientific foundation, says Patrick J. Michaels. Those who warn of a.

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