Build it and they won t come

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build it and they won t come

Jason Chechik (Author of Build It And They Wont Come)

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Published 08.01.2019


Launching is really just a small period of time where a lot of initial attention is drawn to the product. You should certainly be proud of getting yourself to the point of launching to the public, but the real battle is won before and most certainly continuing the marathon race for years after your initial launch.
Jason Chechik

“If You Build It, They Won’t Come” (A Cautionary Website Tale)

This was in hopes that some expired baseball players will show up and play a game or two. Dreams and Hope do not drive traffic. The digital landscape is littered with hundreds of thousands millions, really of well-intentioned websites that are ghost-towns. No one goes to them. At all.

And because of the disembodied message, Kevin Costner tears up valuable corn acreage and builds a baseball diamond. Similarly, marketers are often entranced by the siren song of content marketing. They see successful campaigns where videos, infographics, blog posts, or other forms of content, are picked up nationally and a little company suddenly is blessed with an inundation of attention and traffic. To marketers and business owners, this is dream of building something and having our audiences come. But in truth, it rarely turns out like the movies. So, how do we get the results we need without betting the farm on content marketing?

The days when tech startups failed because they couldn't get the software to work are over. Today, what matters more is the ability to sell the product, but a worryingly large number of startups haven't got the message. In this interview I talk to Irina Berdisa, an expert in enterprise IT sales, about the sales ineptitude of so many startups, and how to correct it. Why is this, do you think? Irina Berdisa: We do what we know best.

Actual Launch Period

I am not sure my version of this quote would have worked for Kevin Costner and the movie Field of Dreams , but it would certainly have saved countless entrepreneurs from disappointment and defeat. Great ideas without equally great promotion are as good as non-existent. The same can be said for great ideas and products. If consumers never discover or buy them, are they still great? I have fallen victim to the false pretense that if I only built something, consumers would come right over and consume it. But my first failed business taught me otherwise.



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