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all star batman and robin covers

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder by Frank Miller

This was a weird one!

Not Batman-and-an-elephant-in-a-Tijuana-sideshow weird, more like a two-headed-koala-bear- preserved-in-a-jar-of-formaldehyde weird.

Frank Miller brings his unique twisted sensibilities to the origin story of Robin, the Boy Wonder, but it’s still Batman’s show and this Batman is a piece of work.

Miller implies that Bruce Wayne was a mama’s boy with violent tendencies before his parents were gunned down and that he used his grief to fuel a sadistic rage against pretty much anything and anyone that didn’t fit into his twisted wheel house of justice.

Fair enough, so we won’t expect Batusi lessons.

Fresh off watching his parents gunned down in front of him, Dick Grayson is “abducted” by Batman and drafted into his war on crime.

No homo-erotic sub-text here.

This brings him into conflict with a nascent Justice League which consists of Superman, a doltish Green Lantern, a lunatic Plastic Man and an overdrawn Wonder Woman.

Yep, Jim Lee. If you’re looking for objectified, flesh-baring, fan-boy-esque, ultra-cosplay depictions of women, then look no further than this volume.

Let’s empower a female character, give them intelligence, wit, abilities, super-powers and then undercut them by having them wear the cheesiest costumes a horny 14 year old boy can conjure up and sadly, the above gif is one of the tamer examples.

Miller doesn’t stop there. Batman and his brutal crime fighting methods are fetishized by women, including Barbara Gordon/Bat Girl and Dinah Lance/Black Canary (just don’t call her “Love Chunks”).

The only redeeming aspect of this book is Miller’s cracker-jack dialogue and wit. The last issue contained here – a confrontation between Batman, Robin and the Green Lantern is almost worth the price of admission.

In order to counteract the Green Lantern’s power, he has Robin, himself and the meet-up room painted the color yellow, Lantern’s one weakness. Ha!

Bottom Line: Miller’s done some brilliant stuff in the past – this one, doesn’t even come close. Jim Lee – Get a freaking girlfriend!

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Oddly, the bartender of this establishment, dressed in black leather, fishnet stockings and a mask, also calls herself Black Canary. Like everybody else in the bar, the two men subject her to a barra. Two men walk into a crowded Gotham City night spot called the Black Canary. Like everybody else in the bar, the two men subject her to a barrage of cat calls. Black Canary endures the unwelcome adoration for quite some time, but her mind is on only one thing - a man she has never even met As the evening wears on, she tires of the never ending solicitations and finally loses her patience.

Batman sits down and sips on lemonade while Green Lantern is yelling at him. He tells him that he's putting people in danger. Batman defends himself by saying he. Batman, covered in yellow paint, and Green Lantern are in a heated argument as Robin is busy painting the room yellow. Batman defends himself by saying he's supposed to scare people, that's why he's dressed as a bat.

It was published by DC Comics , with a sporadic schedule, between [1] and The series was to be rebooted under the title Dark Knight: Boy Wonder in , when both Miller and Lee were to finish the last six issues. The series retells the origin story of Dick Grayson , who became Batman 's sidekick Robin. This was the first series to be launched in under DC's All Star imprint. These series are helmed by renowned writers and artists in the American comic book industry and attempt to retell some of the history of prominent DC Universe characters, but outside of DC Universe continuity , and not be restricted by it, in order to appeal to new and returning readers. Each title under the All Star imprint is set in its own continuity and separate universe.

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  2. All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder is an ongoing comic book series that launched in July , written by Frank Miller, drawn by Jim Lee, and.

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