Ib english language and literature part 1

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ib english language and literature part 1

IB English A literature teachers - Part 1 works: Persepolis Showing 1-5 of 5

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IB English Lit P1: Poem or Prose? (1/9)

The way I think of it, there are four levels of understanding that you need to achieve for Paper 2 if you want to get that shiny 7 score. Think of it like an elevator.

Part 1 – Language and Cultural Contexts

Z's English Classes. Part 1: Language in Cultural Context. In Part 1: Language in cultural context , we focus on how language develops in specific contexts, how meaning is determined by context, and how people express their identities through language. In this part of the course, you will be introduced to a range of text types, centered around various themes and topics. Topics covered will include: language and identity, language and community, language and translation, language and power, language and gender. Throughout this part of the course, you will learn how to: Analyse how audience and purpose affect the structure and content of texts.

The Group 1: Studies in language and literature previously First Language subjects of the IB Diploma Programme refer to the student's first language native language or otherwise best language. Students who complete two group 1 subjects instead of a group 1 and group 2 subject , or complete a group 3 or 4 subject that is of a different language of the group 1 subject taken by the candidate, are eligible to be awarded a bilingual IB Diploma on the condition that the candidate obtains a level 3 or greater in both subjects. Language A: literature previously known as Language A1 is a recently updated literature course, for first examinations The course is officially available in over 50 languages, and there is a special request service available only for May sessions for languages that are not officially supported. SL school-supported self-taught candidates undertake the alternative oral examination instead of the internal assessment components. They are essentially the same as the internal assessment components, except that they are externally assessed and some administration procedures are different. As of the exam session, courses in the following languages are automatically available in May examination sessions, while those denoted with N are also automatically available in November i.

MYP Language A and DP Language and Literature

The aims of all subjects in studies in language and literature are to enable students to:. Each area has related texts and assessment tasks, which are outlined in more detail below. This involves the comparative study of literary texts to make connections and gain a deeper understanding of the texts.

The course can be studied at either standard or higher level. Higher level involves the study of additional texts; a comparative rather than individual study in the exam; and a critical essay. The study of the texts produced in a language is central to an active engagement with language and culture and, by extension, to how we see and understand the world in which we live. A key aim of the course is to encourage students to explore and question the meaning generated by language and texts. In addition, students will develop skills of textual analysis and the understanding that texts, both literary and non-literary, can be seen as autonomous yet as products of the culture, society and historical period from which they originate. The course comprises four parts—two relate to the study of language and two to the study of literature:. Texts are chosen from a variety of sources, genres and media.

Assessment Criteria. Vertical Divider. It must show a critical engagement with an aspect of a text or a topic. Students complete at least four written tasks, two of which are submitted for external assessment. The maximum mark for each written task is A Note on Supervision and Teacher Assistance : As part of the learning process, teachers can give advice to students on a first draft of the task.

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  1. Outcomes 30 August Below are the three learning outcomes that one should aim to meet while studying Part 1 of the English Language and Literature.

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