Ray lewis mother and father

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ray lewis mother and father

I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game, and Glory by Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis, legendary Baltimore Ravens linebacker and one of the greatest defensive players of his generation, holds nothing back on the state of football as well as his troubled childhood, his rise to athletic greatness, the storm that threatened to ruin his NFL career, and the devastating injury that nearly cost him a final moment of glory.

A lot of folks, they know my game, but they don’t know my deal. This book right here, it tells the story of my seventeen-year NFL career. It tells of my two Super Bowls, the mark I was blessed to be able to make on the game, on the city of Baltimore. But it also tells the story of how I grew up—abandoned by my no-account father, raised with my siblings by our God-fearing, hardworking single mother. It tells how I sometimes struggled off the field. It tells of the anguish and controversy that found me away from the game.

Mostly, it tells how heartbreak can sometimes lift you to greatness and glory—if you find a way to put your focus in faith, and faith in your focus.

When I left the game, confetti raining down on me and my teammates after winning the Super Bowl, I made a promise to myself to show how the game is really played at the highest level. That’s what you’ll find in these pages—a raw, honest look at the business of football and a look behind the scenes at some of the most torturous aspects of the game. The grind of the NFL—that’s what shines through.

My deal? That grind is a given. Every player who wears an NFL uniform has to slog through the same battles just to get to the league. But it’s how you prepare for those battles that defines you—and here I hope to show how an unwavering trust in God and an unbreakable sense of purpose can lift you from tragedy to triumph. From strength to strength, man—that’s the deal.
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Ray Lewis: Murder charges saved my life

Biography Newsletter

Ray Lewis has spent 16 years terrorizing offenses in the AFC, and now it might be time for him to terrorize single ladies in the Mid-Atlantic region. As he embarks on his last trip through the AFC playoffs before riding off into the sunset, we at PlayerWives. Lewis has fathered six children with four different women. As previously noted, Lewis did father three other children with three different women. The only other name we could find is Kimberly Arnold, and details of their relationship are incredibly sparse. The couple was not together as of the date of this posting. So what happens now for Lewis?


The future Hall of Famer who grew up in Lakeland, Fla. Three of those children live in Lake Mary—just 20 minutes north of Orlando. Without question, Lewis is the most polarizing player in the game. To many, he's an inspirational leader, a charitable man of God and a role model. Others claim he's a womanizer who got away with murder. Local 6's Jamie Seh sat down with the mother of three of Lewis' children, Tatyana McCall, who has known Lewis for more than half of her life and who likely knows him better than anyone else. McCall rarely gives interviews, but was anxious to have the opportunity to set the record straight.

Subscribe today! For me, the hard part was mostly in what I didn't have. I didn't have a father. I do now, but I didn't then. He claims the title, but he didn't earn it. He looks like me, moves like me, but he never took the time to know me, never played the part. He left the day I was born.

Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. He previously played college football for the University of Miami , and earned All-America honors. Lewis was drafted by the Ravens in the first round of the NFL Draft , and upon his retirement following the season , was the last remaining active player from the team's inaugural season. Lewis played middle linebacker his entire career and is considered to be one of the greatest ever to play the position. He is also considered to be the greatest Baltimore Raven of all time. Lewis pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in connection with the stabbing deaths of two men in Lewis also became the second linebacker to win the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award , and the first to win the award on the winning Super Bowl team.

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