Pros and cons of watching anime

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pros and cons of watching anime

Manga & Anime Lovers - Opinions/Compare: Which is better: Manga or Anime? Showing 1-50 of 91

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Pros: Getting to know a lot of different stories and characters . Con: Although more people are watching anime nowadays, I still think it hasn't.

Negative impact of anime & manga

Anime and manga have been gaining popularity these few years. The anime industry are booming with the different merchandise and products on sale in the market. Now I have talked about the advantages of the trend of anime and manga, but certainly there will be disadvantages. So the question is what are the problems that are brought about by anime eg. And another question is whether anime and manga popularity can be sustained, or one day will lose their charm and allure just like Bubble Tea in Singapore? Well obviously as you have previously stated that there is always pros and cons to everything to this world and that it'll never be perfect since everyone is so different. So some disadvantages I could list to the top of my head would be: 1.

Considering the copious amounts of anime, manga, and video games that Japan produces, one might assume that the whole country has a more or less favorable image of those three media categories. Japanese website My Navi Gakusei no Madoguchi recently polled current university students in Japan whose parents had prohibited them from watching TV, reading manga, or playing video games while growing up and asked them if they intended to do the same if and when they had children of their own in the future. While the researchers collected answers from only 81 respondents 34 men and 47 women , they received a wide variety of thought on the pros and cons of letting young children indulge in the popular forms of entertainment. Another reason multiple respondents plan to keep anime and games away from their kids is a fear of it negatively impacting their physical well-being or social circle. On the other side of the debate, though, the 63 percent who plan to give their kids more freedom than they enjoyed had counter arguments for many of the points mentioned above. Not being able to play video games at all can actually make it harder for some children to make friends, as more than one respondent remembered feeling left out of fun conversations among game-loving classmates. One man in the survey even went so far as to say that he hopes that through experiencing the variety of perspectives portrayed in fiction, his children will become more flexible and open-minded thinkers.

Like I've promised, here are my 8 opinions for disadvantages of watching lots of anime. If you haven't done so already, please check out my other blog, The Pros of Watching Lots of Anime , which is a start-up leading into this one, but let's get right into it! You want to talk about this awesome anime that you've thoroughly enjoyed, but there is one problem. Nobody knows what the heck you're talking about! What's even more frustrating is that you encourage them to watch, but they either don't have time for it or won't even bother.

On the top of it, you get colors, its not just one page, its not just a number of page full of colors but the whole thing has color, so it makes everything have emotions, life, and meaningful.
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Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Is it a positive things or a negative one? Like every aspect in our life, anime brings not fully positive or negative impact. It depends on the way people sees thing with the different point of view. For people who see the positive side of anime, they might say that it brings much good influence in teenage life. First, stimulate creativity in teenage mind. Anime can develop their imagination, so, their creativity will increase.

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