Sticks and stones bullying video

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sticks and stones bullying video

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Bullying short film - Sticks & Stones

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What is Sticks and Stones? Sticks and Stones is an interactive drama for 6th-8th graders that focuses on bias-based bullying. How is Sticks and Stones different from Alice's Story? Sticks and Stones focuses on bias-based bullying, which encompasses verbal or physical abuse motivated by race, religion, gender, sexuality or disability. Sticks and Stones explores social justice, cyberbullying and civic responsibility. Middle school kids are encouraged to deconstruct stereotypes and examine both their relationships and the roles they play within these issues.

Sticks and Stones. Aware — raising the awareness of the damaging, sometimes lifelong effects that bullying has. Raising the awareness of the effects that bullying has on our children in school, i. Care — why should we care? Share — stories form others who have been bullied and what is done to their lives. Please know we will also highlight how to help a bully. Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional and involves an imbalance of power or strength.

This story was originally published as part of the Sticks and Stones series in early May. It has been republished in support of Pink Shirt Day - an annual global event that raises awareness against bullying and celebrates diversity. Mark Potter believes social media is training children to bully each other. The crossover between online and offline bullying is about 90 per cent, but research from Victoria University says students are less likely to report cyberbullying, and teachers are the last people they would report it to. While principals are split on whether cyberbullying is a distinct phenomenon or simply a new tool for tormentors, they agree it is difficult to combat.

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Sticks and Stones video

Print article. This year an estimated 18 million children will be affected by bullying. Every 7 minutes a child is bullied on a school playground. An epidemic of cyberbullying has inspired a whole new kind of cruelty among children. Every day, as many as , children stay home because they feel unsafe at school. Another source claims that 8 million children — not 18 — will be affected by bullying every year.

During adolescence, girls are hypersensitive about their appearance and body changes during puberty, and may be more susceptible to teasing and bullying. Help your daughter feel confident about her changing body — and be more sensitive to the feelings of others — with the Sticks and Stones video and action checklist. We know that growing up can be tough, and that young people can feel hurt and upset by others' comments. None of us can read minds. We might be teasing or even bullying them without knowing it. This video shows how easy it is to say the wrong thing. You'll also make her better equipped to handle situations that could knock her own confidence.

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