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eric berne games people play summary

Lists That Contain Games People Play by Eric Berne

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Dr. Eric Berne - Games People Play - The Theory Part I

Games People Play

Games People Play explores the fascinating and bizarre world of psychological games, where players unconsciously manipulate each other into acting in alienating and self-destructive ways. Eric Berne dissects the hidden dynamics beneath the games people play — and shows how to escape from them and find true intimacy. Eric Berne was a Canadian psychiatrist who developed the influential theory of transactional analysis in the mid-twentieth century. Upgrade to Premium now and get unlimited access to the Blinkist library. The Blinkist app gives you the key ideas from a bestselling nonfiction book in just 15 minutes. Available in bitesize text and audio, the app makes it easier than ever to find time to read. Get unlimited access to the most important ideas in business, investing, marketing, psychology, politics, and more.

Games People Play is the bestselling book by Psychiatrist Dr. Eric Berne which uncovered the dynamics of human relationships. In Games , Berne introduced his theory of Transactional Analysis to the population at large. Since the publication of Games People Play in to the updated 40th anniversary edition in , over 5 million copies have been sold worldwide in nearly 20 languages. Today, the book remains immensely popular and continues to sell tens of thousands of copies per year.

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Games People Play by Eric Berne is a psychoanalytical look at the everyday interactions of life. We are rarely conscious of the games we play. - The premise of Games People Play by Eric Berne is that human beings as children are imbued with certain rituals, needs, desires, and thoughts by their parents and by their society.

Since its publication it has sold more than five million copies. The book describes both functional and dysfunctional social interactions. In the first half of the book, Berne introduces transactional analysis as a way of interpreting social interactions. He describes three roles or ego states, known as the Parent, the Adult, and the Child, and postulates that many negative behaviors can be traced to switching or confusion of these roles. He discusses procedures, rituals , and pastimes in social behavior, in light of this method of analysis.

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