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i can read in french

Bonne Nuit a Tous: Goodnight Everyone (I Can Read French) by Lone Morton

This is another book I read in my continuing adventures to learn Spanish as an adult.

I love this series, and this story is a delight.

Usually, I cant stand programmed books, but this one does it right. Its a bit too simple for me, but fun to read. I must say that the cover is not all that engaging, but the drawings and the text are great and well worth ignoring the unengaging cover.

Essentially, it is the story of a little girl going to bed and having to put all of her stuffed animals to bed, too. She has lots and lots of unique and special stuffed animals. I love the raton, but then, again Im always partial to rats.

Its in past tense. And, the sentence structure has a tad of complexity. Vocabulary includes lots of animal names (though a few have had -ito added.) The book includes parent notes, picture dictionary, and pronuciation guide. I really like the pronunciation guide.

The book is intended to introduce a young child to a foreign language (and the reader (adult) does not need to be able to speak the foreign language.) I would expect a young child to really enjoy the book.
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Introduction to French in 30 Minutes - How to Read, Write and Speak

Reading in French is a fundamental step. Discover a selection of French texts for beginners. They come with line-by-line audio and English translation!
Lone Morton

5 French Books For Beginners To Grow Your Vocabulary And Boost Your Fluency

If you are learning French and are searching for a way to speed up your progress and enlarge your vocabulary, one of the best — and most commonly neglected — techniques is reading. Since French and English share so much vocabulary, it is easy to start reading in French, even as a beginner. If you know how to read effectively and you develop a habit of doing it often, your French will improve immensely. In this post, I will talk about these ideas and give you some suggestions for starting to read in French as a beginner learner. Anyone who has studied a language at school will probably remember sitting in class translating texts or answering reading comprehension questions about short passages they have been given.

When I'm faced in a conversation in French I just freeze up and its like all my knowledge of the french language and the vocabulary I've learnt just disappears. It's so frustrating! Has this happened to you and do you have any tips? You need to read out loud to yourself. When you are reading, you are probably using a lot of passive vocabulary. You cannot learn new words from reading alone. You need to hear the words spoken, even if it is your own voice.

Learning French with movies , TV, and songs is great. It might seem daunting, but reading is one of the best ways to improve your French. Of course. And of course, the French have made tremendous contributions to world literature. There are so many amazing French texts just waiting to inspire you!


In particular, French has many silent letters that can go at the end of words. As a result, there are multiple ways to write a single French sound. The same is true for tout , tous and toux. Because of this, it can be difficult to reconcile what you read with what you hear in French. This site is incredibly useful for absolute beginners in French. It covers virtually every French sound, including those not found in English, and teaches you not only how to read them and use them in real words, but also how to pronounce them.

But is there a wrong way to read a French novel? These tips will cast a spell on you, getting you absorbed in a whirlwind of new French vocabulary and page-turning storytelling. The smart choice would be a short book that you can slip into any bag or even your pocket. When browsing for a book, take the time to read through the blurb on the back, looking up words if you need to. If you spend a lot of time driving or out walking the dog, audiobooks can be a great alternative. However, if you can keep your concentration, it can be very useful in helping you advance to fluency. As they hold many books, you can easily flick between your bestseller and your French grammar guide, helping you learn as you read.


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