Frequently wrong but never in doubt

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frequently wrong but never in doubt

Often Wrong, Never in Doubt: Unleash the Business Rebel Within by Donny Deutsch

Its not a question. It is a philosophy to live by. Its Donny Deutschs motto. And it is the secret possessed by every person with the right stuff—the one-in-a-hundred who gets to the top of their team, their company, their business, their industry.

If there is an assignment or a promotion up for grabs, a client or account looking for new answers, do you know how to go for it? Donny Deutsch built a billion-dollar media business asking himself the basic question, Why Not Me? Once the reader asks—and answers—that question, a world of opportunity opens up. It is a tool to motivate people, build a business, and create a business culture.

Often Wrong, Never in Doubt is an inspirational book from one of Americas most colorful and exciting entrepreneurs. Its Donnys story. In a fun conversation with the reader, Donny lays out the core principles that propelled him to create tremendous wealth, build a huge and influential business, and become a national personality. Using inside stories of the media, the advertising industry, and a youth spent growing up on the streets of New York, Donny gives the commonsense bottom line that he has learned along the way, broken down into real, relevant, and inspiring lessons that will be useful to everyone from the front-line salesperson to the middle manager to the successful corporate executive. (Its also a useful guide for dating.)
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Episode 39 - Often Wrong, But Never In Doubt

Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt

There is a passage near the end of Bruce Allen Murphy's fine new book about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Scalia: A Court of One , that explains both the reaction his work will likely receive and the remarkable life of law, politics, religion, and unremitting piousness it describes within its pages. Murphy takes us through Justice Scalia's memorable October interview with Jennifer Senior of New York and then quotes the journalist at length:. Senior would say later of her interview with the justice: "It's embarrassing, but the overlap between our worlds is almost nonexistent. It explains why the left and the right both responded so enthusiastically to this piece. Each side sees its own view, affirmed.

How do you know what you know? Semmelweis was deeply bothered by the This was before the germ theory of disease was accepted and physicians believed that disease was caused by bad airs known as miasma or because of dyscrasia, a derangement of one of the four humors. Semmelwies, being a man of science, looked at all the variables between this hospital with the He quickly realized that some hospitals did not employ physicians but used midwives instead and he wondered if this could be the difference as physicians of that time frequently used cadavers for training but midwives were not afforded the luxury of training on cadavers. He had physicians disinfect their hands with a solution of lye between patients and when going from between the cadaver lab and a patients. You would think his colleagues would have heralded him a hero, crediting Semmelwies with a discovery that could save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives, at virtually no cost.

by Donny Deutsch, Peter Knobler. It's Donny Deutsch's motto. Donny Deutsch built a billion-dollar media business asking himself the basic question, "Why Not Me?".
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When I've heard it used, it was sometimes making fun of a person's character, that he was sometimes over-confident. He is sure about himself, even if he's wrong. He doesn't know he's wrong about something. The phrase tells nothing about what he's like when he is wrong and finds out he is wrong. It means that you have to be confident in yourself and not doubt yourself even though you may be wrong.

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  2. Someone who thinks very highly of his own intelligence or judgement but who is not really that smart. I often say, "He's someone who never lets complete ignorance of a subject This means giving an answer even thou you could be wrong.

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