What is the book of titus all about

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what is the book of titus all about

Titus for You by Tim Chester

Join Tim Chester for the latest in the groundbreaking, bestselling Gods Word For You book. Titus For You will help you get to grips with this short, powerful letter, showing how it transforms our hearts and lives today. Tim Chesters renowned gifts for making the complex clear, the truth applied and the gospel shine brightly mean this book will take you to the pages of the Bible to engage your mind and stir your heart.

Written for people of every age and stage, from new believers to pastors and teachers, this flexible resource is for you to:

READ: As a guide to this wonderful letter, exciting and equipping you to live out the truth in your life.

FEED: As a daily devotional to help you grow in Christ as you read and meditate on this portion of Gods word.

LEAD: As notes to aid you in explaining, illustrating and applying Titus as you preach or lead a Bible study.

Whoever you are, and however you use it, this is... Titus For You
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Lessons from the Book of Titus (1/2) - Bayless Conley

Introduction to the Book of Titus

Purpose: To encourage Titus to complete the organization of the Churches on Crete, counter the effects of false teachers there and instruct believers in proper Christian conduct. Date: A. False teachers must be resisted. Special responsibilities exist for specific groups in the Church. Some general responsibilities are to be shared by all believers.

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Who leads the church? The Apostle Paul , one of the most important leaders of early Christianity, understood very well that he was not the leader of the churches he founded; Jesus Christ was. Paul knew that he would not be around forever. In the book of Titus, he instructs one of his young proteges on how to select church leaders. Paul details the qualities of a dynamic leader, warning that pastors, elders, and deacons hold a tremendous responsibility in guiding their flocks in the true gospel. Paul believed it is vital that church leaders "walk the talk.

Book of Titus Explained. Go To Titus Index. He, together with Timothy, traveled with the apostle Paul. Title: This epistle is named for its recipient, Titus, who is mentioned by name 13 times in the New Testament. Authorship: The epistle claims to have come from the pen of Paul. Its contents bear this out.

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  1. The book of Titus teaches Cretan believers how to live godly lives in their sinful society. God's love and grace transforms their lives, and they can then share the.

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