What is the movie stephanie about

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what is the movie stephanie about

Will Caraval ever be made into a movie? — Stephanie Garber Q&A

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Published 27.12.2018


When I first heard about Stephanie , after the movie showed at a few American festival in the end of , I thought it would have been similar to Mama , Blumhouse-style, i.

‘Stephanie’ Review: Akiva Goldsman Delivers a Solid Creepy Kid Movie — Overlook Film Festival

The fact that it barely deserved release just shows the studio was paying attention. Is anybody coming for her? Our Miss Crooks may look angelic, but something about her suggests a creepy confidence about the dangerous world she inhabits. Grillo and Torv give fair value, playing parents ruled by responsibility and loyalty, but also fear and dread. Can they cope with whatever is after them or whatever the untroubled Stephanie has become in their absence?

Bloody Disgusting!

Shree Crooks plays Stephanie, a young girl living alone in a lovely cottage nestled in a forest, a setting lifted directly from a fairy tale. For about half an hour — the best of the film — we watch Stephanie take care of herself, her bunny Mr. Hopper and her stuffed turtle Francis. She reads aloud stories and prepares meals for herself and her fuzzy friends, smoothies and beanie-weenies served on proper little plates. Enter Mommy and Daddy. Anna Torv and Frank Grillo quite suddenly appear, explaining that they had to leave Stephanie for reasons that are initially unclear. As the three of them spend more time together, the seemingly quaint family dynamic starts to unravel in pretty dark ways.

In the film, we see Stephanie Shree Crooks all alone in her big two-story house without an authority figure in sight. The walls are coated in crayons with a little pile of Crayolas resting carelessly at the bottom of the stairs. Eventually, her parents Frank Grillo and Anna Torv arrive, and for a brief moment in time, it seems as though things might be okay. The best way to survive an apocalypse is to rely on your loved ones, and take comfort in the fact that knowing that no matter how bad things get, at least you have each other. If anything, their mutual adoration for one another is only making things worse.

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  1. Shree Crooks stars in this minimalist tale of a girl abandoned by her parents for unknown reasons.

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