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books about the mexican cartel

Popular Cartels Books

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Mexican Cartels, Mafia and Gangster Warlords: Ioan Grillo Narco Journalist - True Crime Podcast 40

6 Books to Read to Understand Mexico's Drug War

Spoiler Warning: The conversation includes references to major events from the previous books. What are some of the real-life incidents that inspired the new book? As a result, we swapped one wolf for a dozen coyotes. In , you wrote an essay for Esquire that said marijuana legalization unintentionally created the opioid crisis, since the cartels needed a new illicit product to sell. Is that something you explore further in the new novel? He says that the American pharmaceutical companies have created a market for opioids that the Sinaloa cartel can undercut with a cheaper and better product. And this is what happened.

The merciless dogfight between Mexican drug cartels has produced its latest macabre spectacle with the discovery of 19 mutilated corpses — nine of them hung semi-naked from a bridge — in a city to the west of the capital. The massacre, in Uruapan miles from Mexico City, was claimed by the increasingly dominant Jalisco New Generation cartel which posted a large white banner beside the dangling bodies of its victims. At least 10 other dismembered and bullet-riddled bodies were reportedly found dumped in two nearby locations. Troops were being mobilized to investigate the crimes and catch the killers, he said. Ernst said at least three armed groups were currently battling for control of the city of Uruapan — the CJNG, the Knights Templar cartel and Los Viagras, which is part of a larger organization called the the Nueva Familia Michoacana. Stomach-churning displays of criminal might are not unusual in Mexico , which last year suffered a record 35, murders.

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After a U. Use of the drug has now reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with overdoses soaring across the nation. Without assistance from any major drug cartel, the Xalisco Boys came to dominate the heroin trade, while avoiding violence and gaining a reputation for single-minded efficiency. There are other books on heroin use in the United States, but Dreamland is unique in its detailed portrait of the illegal cross-border business and the lives that it has touched. While the title might lead you to think that this a how-to guide for aspiring drug lords, it is actually a detailed analysis of the business model of drug cartels.

Registered in Ireland: The fight to control narcotics in Central America has cost more than 40, lives. Des Breen reads two books which expose the vicious reality behind the war on drugs. The death toll, in Mexico alone, now hovers around 40, Grillo is an English journalist who has made a speciality of reporting from the frontline of the war against narcotics. Terror: A victim is left decapitated by Mexican drug cartels as a warning to informers, police, and rival gangs.

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