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book about girl with cancer

Third Eye Awakening: 5 Techniques to Awaken the Third Eye Chakra by Jon Andre Lundal

A short and easy-to-read 13 pages providing 5 simple techniques for awakening the pineal gland (third eye chakra). What I enjoyed most about this simple read is the author assumes you already have a knowledgeable background on the pineal gland’s many psychic and spiritual abilities, therefore dedicating more time to the techniques and less time to overview. As someone who is in the process of opening his pineal gland with a vast knowledge base of the many do’s and don’ts as far as diet, four of these techniques were brand new to me.

With that being said, I recommend this book to anyone interested in opening their third eye. I gave the book a three due to the length of pages and not due to the content which was on point. It’s my own personal book reviewing standard, I can’t justify giving such a short read anything higher than a three because I would feel that I’m doing an injustice to a more lengthy and researched book. My rating has nothing to do with the author, I thoroughly enjoyed and learned something from his work.
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Jon Andre Lundal

Why 'The Fault In Our Stars' Author Wrote A Fictional Book About Cancer

M y relationship to cancer is professional but also personal, such that the terms used to characterise it — doctor, oncologist, investigator — can be added to, unhappily, by the words nephew, grandson, friend and son. With the publication of my novel This Living and Immortal Thing, this secret is less zealously held and even to be publicised. Perhaps it will not matter. The list is personal, not exhaustive. Some of them I read as an oncologist, some as an interested bystander, and some with the pathos and pain of that nephew, grandson, friend and son. The Immortal Tale of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot I was halfway through my novel when I discovered — to my horror — that this book was coming out. Lacks is an important woman in cancer history and features in my book, albeit figuratively.

so, it turns out my baby has the cancer. and, like the girl in this book, she's been given six months. but what i learned from this book (no spoiler warning needed.
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so this is a topic dear to my heart. What am I missing? Thanks for your help! Told through animal characters, a young hedgehog gets sick and his mother seeks the white wolf for help. Henry loses his quills and fur and has to drink terrible tasting elixirs that make him very tired but eventually, he is well enough so that they can return home.

This teenage cancer book tells a moving story about a young girl who refuses to give up in the fight against cancer. To avoid looking like someone who is ill, she does everything possible: buys a wig, attends class, tries with all her might to live a normal teenage life. Mette learns how to turn adversity into strength, and daring to believe in the future once again, she comes out the other side to rediscover fulfillment and a rich life. Born in , Mette is a successful author and speaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She lives with an internal prosthesis in her leg and continues to go for regular checkups. Open, sincere and packed with insight into the emotional challenges a cancer diagnosis has on this teenage girls psyche, we are transported from her diagnosis, through the rigors of treatment and surgery to a successful but life adjusted survival pathway. This book has renewed my determination to shine a light on the needs of this special group and to focus care, treatment, support and research on their unique needs.

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