Historians who wrote about jesus

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historians who wrote about jesus

The Christ Files by John Dickson

Im halfway through this great book on how scholars and historians evaluate the history of Jesus and the New Testament. What I really like is that Dickson chooses to stay away from the fringes that most of us hear about so often in the media and from books (Dawkins, Hitchens on one side and Strobel, McDowell on the other) and instead focuses on unbiased scholarly opinion on the writings of Jesus. Dickson also mentions the pagan, Greek and Roman writers who mention Jesus and also validate many of the stories in the New Testament.

This book gives me further evidence that the current New Testament translation is historically accurate, peer reviewed and is one of the most authentic historical manuscripts in existence today.

After reading the research and unbiased evidence presented, there is not much argument that the stories and accounts of Jesus given in the New Testament are anything but true and authentic.
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The Pagan and Jewish Sources for the Historical Jesus - Casual Historian

Warner October 30, Jesus , Writings , Views. There are also non-Christian descriptions of Jesus from the late 1 st to 5 th Century. What do the non-Biblical accounts say about Jesus and how are we to assess them?
John Dickson

Historicity of Jesus

The historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth is both long-established and widespread. Within a few decades of his supposed lifetime, he is mentioned by Jewish and Roman historians, as well as by dozens of Christian writings. Compare that with, for example, King Arthur, who supposedly lived around AD The major historical source for events of that time does not even mention Arthur, and he is first referred to or years after he is supposed to have lived. The evidence for Jesus is not limited to later folklore, as are accounts of Arthur. The value of this evidence is that it is both early and detailed.

What Did Jesus Look Like?

Can we prove that Jesus Christ actually walked the Earth about 2, years ago? Without getting into the spiritual, science should be able to provide such an answer for a phenomenon that currently has about 2. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is not that simple. Here are 3 kinds of evidence we have for the existence of Jesus Christ as at the very least a real person putting aside metaphysical considerations for now :. The supposed time frame of Jesus's life, starting at year zero, was not a period big on communication.

Some critics say that Jesus was a fictional character , nothing more than a myth developed by zealots who wished to start a new religion. Robert Price, for example, an atheist and mythicist, appears to find it far easier to believe in aliens than he does Jesus. Critics like Price view historical documents as having been clearly manipulated for one purpose: to gain the church legitimacy and authority over others. Christianity, they assert, is nothing more than a knock-off religion that stole from other religions and mythical figures such as Hercules. Price goes so far as to equate Jesus to the fictional comic book character, Superman.

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  1. Some argue that Jesus wasn't an actual man, but within a few decades of Historian Flavius Josephus wrote one of the earliest non-biblical.

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