Testimony about giving tithes and offering

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testimony about giving tithes and offering

Tithing Quotes (35 quotes)

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Published 26.12.2018


Tithing Success Stories

If you would like to have all of the blessings that Heavenly Father has prepared to give you, a very good place to start is being a full tithe payer. Both of my grandfathers were working men. He was a very skilled carpenter and painter. When I was young I would sometimes work with my grandfather. One time he asked me to help him paint the frame part of their old home in Salt Lake City. I remember working with him and how I thought he was so careful in trying to teach me how to paint correctly. We spent lots of time with the wire brushes and the sandpaper and putty and making sure the surfaces were all prepared well.

However, I knew the Lord would take care of us. I prayed that the business would grow quickly as we needed the income. I prayed it would take off in 3 months. Miraculously, the third month open, the newspaper gave us a FREE front page article!! Sales and consignors poured in to our shop that month.

In looking back over the years, more specifically the years of the Depression, Vinita and I can see how God really took care of us. He kept me in jobs when there were no jobs to be had and because of our decision to live for Him, He made sure that our every need was met. The Depression lasted from until about I was farming and had a part-time job. Later, I went into the insurance business as a salesman and traveled a lot selling insurance. Even though those years during the Depression were so hard for so many people, as we look back, we see how the Lord met our needs and kept us; so much so, that we were never in a position where, if we ran out of money, we were without food or a place to live which many people faced every day.


There are millions of faithful Christians who pay their tithes to the Lord and are richly blessed. Here are five stories that demonstrate the importance of paying tithing. Before modern industrialization, many paid tithing as a tenth of the crops of their field. Dallin H. Smith shared a memory of his mother:. It will be the best investment you will ever make. I remember one blessing our family received from paying tithing.

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