We need to talk about kevin autism

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we need to talk about kevin autism

Ok it seems pretty clear that Kevin poured... — We Need to... Q&A

I dont think that the behaviour of Eva lead to his voilence. Hes just a psychopat. He was born with just you are born with adhd and autism and so on. Who blames the mother is someone that is not a mother her/himself.
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We Need to Talk About Kevin - Clip 3

Implausible Psycho: “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

Almost from birth, Kevin shows his mother no love, just pure hate; he doesn't just push her away, but plays with her mind, finding ever new ways to hurt her. The film asks us to face up to two big questions: where does "pure evil" come from, and how should we as parents or as a society respond to it? For me, the term "evil" is not helpful. Instead I suggest we need to talk about the erosion of empathy. Unlike evil, empathy is scientifically tractable.

The controversial film We Need To Talk About Kevin raises the question: Can Maybe he has Asperger's or something on the autism spectrum.
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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. - Here, the family is not the gently glowing space where parents find the meaning in their lives, mothers do not always bond with their children, but teenagers—they kill other teenagers. We Need to Talk About Kevin.

A mother grapples with grief and shame after a son's act of violence in a spellbinding new film. You always have been your mother's joy. But what happens when everything ugly about the world is embodied in the son, when he's the source of the "sin and woe" that Phillips sings about over his ethereal zither? If the bond between mother and son becomes tenuous or broken, is that the result of his evil deeds, or the cause of them? As a baby, he rarely ceases crying, to the point where a frazzled Eva seeks refuge from the noise by walking him by construction sites, where the sound of the jackhammer five feet away provides momentary relief. As he gets older, he refuses to speak, refuses to allow himself to be potty trained, and asserts a manipulative dominance over his mother that his doting, Pollyannaish father Franklin John C. Reilly refuses to acknowledge.

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  1. In Lynne Ramsay's brilliant film of the book We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver, we meet a child who will inevitably be described as.

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