What is don giovanni about summary

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what is don giovanni about summary

Don Giovanni in Full Score by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is the complete orchestral and vocal score of Mozarts Don Giovanni, considered by many to be the greatest opera ever written. This edition contains all the music Mozart wrote for Don Giovanni, both for the original version performed in Prague (1787) and the alterations―Don Ottavios aria Dalla sua pace, Elviras aria (and its transposition to D Major) Mi tradì quellalma ingrata, Zerlina and Leporellos duet Per queste tue manine, the cut in the finale―made for the first Viennese performance six months later, as well as the concert ending of the overture.
The editors, Georg Schünemann and Kurt Soldan, worked directly from Mozarts autograph manuscript and from early copies made under Mozarts supervision, correcting many errors that had persisted since Mozarts time. An extensive commentary lists all vague or controversial elements the editors encountered in the score. In addition the complete Italian libretto and stage directions by Lorenzo Da Ponte and a German translation of the vocal text by Georg Schünemann have also been included.
Do not confuse this with a piano rendering; it is the full orchestral score. In addition to its obvious uses for study, this score is also an indispensable associate for anyone listening to the music. In no other manner can the listener or student keep full awareness of the many elements that make up this opera.
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Opera in Brief: Don Giovanni

For Mozart, it was an unusually intense work, and it was not entirely understood in his own time.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Don Giovanni - Don Giovanni

Luigi Bassi in the title role of Mozart's Don Giovanni in the premiere production Mozart directed the rehearsals, had the singers come to his house to study, gave them advice how some of the difficult passages should be executed, explained the characters they represented, and exacted finish, detail, and accuracy. Sometimes he even chided the artists for an Italian impetuosity, which might be out of keeping with the charm of his melodies. Ordering the first act finale to be repeated from the minuet on, he concealed himself in the wings. There, in the peasant dress of Zerlina, with its short skirt, stood Signora Bondini, waiting for her cue. When it came, Mozart quickly reached out a hand from his place of concealment and pinched her leg.

It is based on the legends of Don Juan , a fictional libertine and seducer. Mozart entered the work into his catalogue as an opera buffa. Although sometimes classified as comic, it blends comedy, melodrama and supernatural elements. The opera was commissioned as a result of the overwhelming success of Mozart's trip to Prague in January and February The libretto of Lorenzo Da Ponte was based closely on a libretto by Giovanni Bertati for the opera Don Giovanni Tenorio , first performed in Venice early in , although he was loath to admit this in memoirs written decades later. Don Giovanni was originally to have been performed on 14 October for a visit to Prague of the Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria , niece of the Emperor Joseph II , and her new husband, Prince Anthony of Saxony ; however, the production could not be prepared in time and Le nozze di Figaro was substituted instead on the order of the emperor himself. Reports about the last-minute completion of the overture conflict; some say it was completed the day before the premiere, [9] some on the very day.

Mozart's Don Giovanni takes place in a picturesque, 17th-century Spanish town. Late one evening outside of the old nobleman Commendatore's palace, Leporello (Don Giovanni's servant) is keeping watch as Don Giovanni tries to seduce Commendatore's daughter, Donna Anna.
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Background and context

October 29, at the Prague National Theatre., Remember me. Underlying his audacity and unrelenting passion for women, it is God and society that Don Giovanni rails against and defies.

Seville, midth century. The Commendatore challenges Giovanni to a duel and is killed. Giovanni and Leporello escape. Leporello tells her she is neither the first nor the last woman to fall victim to Giovanni and shows her his catalogue with the name of every woman Giovanni has seduced. Peasants celebrate the marriage of Masetto and Zerlina.

Combining comedy and tragedy, the opera follows the notorious womaniser as he lusts his way towards his dramatic downfall. Leporello keeps watch while Don Giovanni seduces Donna Anna. Her father, the Commendatore, overhears some commotion and, believing his daughter to be in distress, challenges Giovanni to fight. In the scuffle that follows, Giovanni kills him. Giovanni and Leporello come across a distressed woman and her young maid. She turns out to be Donna Elvira, who has come from a nearby town determined to find Giovanni. He had married her there, but then abandoned her.


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