Everything you need to know about art

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everything you need to know about art

ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career by Heather Darcy Bhandari

Find Out What They Didnt Teach You in Art School

The most comprehensive guide of its kind, Art/Work gives artists of every level the tools they need to make it in an art world so competitive one dealer likens it to The Sopranos, except nobody gets killed. Whether youre an art school grad looking for a gallery, a mid-career artist managing a busy studio, or someone just thinking about becoming a professional artist, this indispensable resource will help you build your career and protect yourself along the way.

Unlike other creative professionals, visual artists dont have agents or managers. You have to do it all yourself, at least until you find gallery representation -- and even then, there are important business and legal issues you need to understand to stay in control of your career and ensure youre being treated fairly. Heather Darcy Bhandari, a gallery director, and Jonathan Melber, an arts lawyer, walk you through these issues so that you can essentially act as your own manager and agent. They show you, for example, how to tackle business basics such as tracking inventory and preparing invoices; how to take legal precautions like registering a copyright and drafting consignment forms; how to use promotional tools like websites and business cards; and how to approach career decisions such as choosing the right venue to show your work.

In addition to drawing on their own experiences, Bhandari and Melber interviewed nearly one hundred curators, dealers, and other arts professionals, in cities across the country, about what they expect from and look for in artists. The authors also talked to a host of artists about their careers and the lessons theyve learned navigating the art world. The book is full of their entertaining anecdotes and candid advice.

No matter what kind of artist you are -- or want to be -- this book will help you. Art/Work covers everything you need to know to succeed, saving you from having to learn it all the hard way -- and letting you spend more time making art.
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Beginning Graphic Design: Fundamentals

What You Need to Know to Start a Great Art Collection

DIY Linux. Social Media. Art history is a vast topic. From the pottery of ancient Greece to the contemporary pop art of the s, there are millions of artists across hundreds of styles that you can sink your teeth into. Here are some of the best sites to learn about art history.

As part of this process, it's important to thematically shape your collection so you can be selective and strategic in what you acquire. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing a direction for your collection:. There is so much art out there that it's important to identify a focus for your collection. The very first screening any piece should go through is the simplest—do you like it? Your collection should first and foremost reflect your tastes. If every collector rigorously followed what was trendy and deemed important, every collection would look the same. The unique parameters you establish in the beginning will lend your collection greater cohesion down the road.

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Anyone that takes their art education seriously will know the importance of the fundamentals. These fundamental topics are like the foundation of a building: you need the foundation before you can get more detailed. But how do you get started? The best way to get better is to practice. But you need focused practice to see the best results. If you want some advice from a master skip to in this FZD podcast. Feng Zhu is a veteran concept artist who runs his own entertainment art school in Singapore.

From Sept. Whether you are a beginning artist who decided to turn your passion for art into action, or a veteran who wants to explore a new medium, knowing exactly where to start can be a challenge. Below is a list of five educational guides jam-packed with just-starting-out goodies, from learning painting mistakes to avoid to trying your hand at the basics of drawing. We all know practice makes perfect. But, with practice also comes trial and error. Discover what they are, and how to overcome them, here. An essential skill to learn as a beginning artist, whether drawing or painting, is perspective.

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  1. Whether you're a beginning artist or a veteran wanting to try a new medium, get started with these five fundamental guides to drawing and painting.

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