Questions to ask about setting in a story

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questions to ask about setting in a story

Paul answers “setting of the story” — Paul Bunyan, a... Q&A

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A great setting can offer much more to a story than just a place where characters move around and talk to each other. A great setting that's used.

Asking Questions About Setting: Literature Studies for Teens

Updated: March 29, References. The setting of a story is the environment your characters are in. When you describe your setting, use detailed language and have your characters interact with it to engage your readers. When you have a detailed setting, your story will come to life! Small flames stirred at the trunk of a tree and crawled away through leaves and brushwood, dividing and increasing. One patch touched a tree trunk and scrambled up like a bright squirrel. The smoke increased, sifted, rolled outwards.

Reading is an art form. We spend hours training our youngest students phonograms and sight words to develop budding readers. However, training one to read can take a lifetime. If you teach them to observe when and where the author chose to set their story, they can dig deeply into the meaning of the book. While it seems simple to identify where the story takes place, a story can come alive by noting that one element. Rochester, is set in the country.

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Photo By: John Morgan. Where and when did this story take place? The answer is the setting of a book or story. You can help your child learn to identify the setting of a story by asking them some simple questions about what they are reading. The location of a story often changes throughout the book.

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