Best books about pirates nonfiction

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best books about pirates nonfiction

Popular Pirate History Books

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TREASURE ISLAND - FULL AudioBook by Robert Louis Stevenson - Adventure / Pirate Fiction

Popular Pirate History Books

For as long as there have been pirates, there have been stories about their seafaring adventures. Here are a selection of pirate books for pirate fans of all ages! First published in , this novel captivates readers from the moment young Jim Hawkins first encounters the sinister Blind Pew at the Admiral Benbow Inn until the climactic battle for treasure on a tropic isle. This book introduces other famous characters like Wendy Darling and Peter Pan…and a crocodile that ticks. First published in , this novel tells the story of Peter Blood, an Irish physician and soldier in England in the s. After being wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to indentured slavery in the Caribbean, Blood escapes and becomes the most feared pirate captain on the Spanish Main. But all the glory of his adventures cannot help him, for the woman he loves cannot love a thief and pirate.

This list includes non-fiction, serious studies on the history of piracy, and There are hundreds of popular pirate books published, but very few are irreplaceable. There was a time when a number of the great pirate captains, including.
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The Invisible Hook

Each of the titles reviewed here features a link to Amazon. Specifically, this book will greatly assist anyone who never read about pirate history and has only encountered them in the way Hollywood presents piracy. The Bahamas during the early eighteenth century became a central place for the events of the Golden Age of Piracy. The Republic of Pirates presents the history of the pirates in the Bahamas with an excellent writing and narrative style which appeals to the general reading public. In the process of the narrative, readers receive contextual information about other events and society in the Atlantic world relevant to the history of the pirates.

Make Your Own List. People see in pirates what they want to see, says historian and author Adrian Tinniswood. He recommends five fascinating books about pirates. Adrian Tinniswood is obsessed with all aspects of 17th-century history. That is what led to his current fascination with pirates.

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  1. During the Golden Age of Piracy between 16th and early 18th century, people started learning of pirate exploits not only via news reports that were passed through official news channels but also via literary works written by naval captains who had close encounters with pirates and writers who claimed to have a wealth of experience on this matter.

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