Cool facts about bearded dragons

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cool facts about bearded dragons

Bearded dragons: Children Book of Fun Facts & Amazing Photos by James Muniz

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Published 20.12.2018

Funniest Cool Bearded Dragon Videos Weekly Compilation 2016 - Funny Pet Videos

Bearded Dragon Facts

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All rights reserved. There are eight species of bearded dragons, named for the spines on their chins and necks. Among the most popular pet reptiles, bearded dragons tend to be gentle, inquisitive, and active during the day. The central bearded dragon, Pogona vitticeps , is the most common species to have as a pet. They typically prefer to stick to warm, arid areas: deserts, subtropical woodlands, savannas, and scrublands.

Bearded dragons may be relatively new to the shores of America, but they sure are cool. Here are 10 bearded dragon facts you probably didn't know and why.
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Facts About Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded Dragon 101: the Basics

Post good photos of your pet or quick tips on pet care. The term 'bearded dragon' is most often used for Central bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps , which isn't surprising considering that this species is by far the most popular of the lot. In a broad sense, all the species belonging to genus Pogona, including the Lawson's dragon Pogona henrylawsoni , western bearded dragon Pogona minor , and eastern bearded dragon Pogona barbata , are known as 'bearded dragons' - a name which can be attributed to the presence of beard-like scales along their throat and neck. Facts about the Bearded Dragon. Bearded dragons are found throughout Australia.

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