Movie about mom dying of cancer

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movie about mom dying of cancer

Death And Dying Quotes (982 quotes)

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my mom has cancer

Movies about Cancer

Sign in. PG min Comedy, Drama, Romance. The friendship between two life-long girlfriends is put to the test when one starts a family and the other falls ill. High schooler Greg, who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer. PG min Drama, Romance. Two teenage cancer patients begin a life-affirming journey to visit a reclusive author in Amsterdam. R min Drama.

When cruel movie overlords want to cue the audience waterworks, they go for the Mom Button. You know, a touching moment, a grave illness, words of advice, and, in the most extreme cases, a death. And that stuff sticks with you. Warning: If you want to cry, continue reading. If you want to cry with us and make others cry, too, share your pick for best mom-related tear-jerker moment from a movie.


When executed poorly — which they usually are! In memory of all the fictional characters that gave their lives so that their sweethearts could lead more meaningful ones, here is a ranking of 18 terminal romances. A Little Bit of Heaven : Kate Hudson has made some bad choices in her film career, but few worse than this stinker in which she plays a cancer patient who is granted three wishes by God Whoopi Goldberg. Spoiler: She picks Klein and drops dead. A Walk to Remember : Leave it to Nicholas Sparks to write a novel about the death of a teen that makes your eyes roll instead of water. They fall in love, and after she kicks the bucket Landon enrolls in medical school in hopes of curing cancer.

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