Best book written about abraham lincoln

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best book written about abraham lincoln

Best Books About Abraham Lincoln (88 books)

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I am Abraham Lincoln - Children's Books Read Aloud

Together, they contained nearly 9, pages — almost twice as many as the president with the second-tallest stack of biographies in my collection Thomas Jefferson with about 5, pages. Although daunting for a new Lincoln admirer and probably more detailed than most readers will desire, this biography is extremely descriptive and consistently insightful.
Doris Kearns Goodwin

There are about 15,000 books on Abraham Lincoln — here are the 7 you should read

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About 15, books about Abraham Lincoln have been published, and yet it seems that there will always be more to learn about Honest Abe. Small wonder, considering the role the 16th president played in American history and what he accomplished during his time in office. No president has confronted greater turmoil before or since, and Lincoln's staunch leadership and unparalleled ability to communicate big ideas to vast audiences helped ensure the Union's success, which of course led to the end of slavery and the birth of the United States of America that we know today. Born on February 12, , Lincoln began his campaign to gain political leadership in the s. He rose from the obscurity of a failed campaign to join the House of Representatives in to become the the Republican nominee for president in And in one of the nation's most contentious political climates, full of horse-trading and smoke-filled back room dealing, Lincoln became the country's 16th president, just as the issue of slavery was threatening to tear the nation apart—which of course, it ultimately did.

At least 15, books have been written about Abraham Lincoln , the 16th president of the United States. If you wish to learn about the man who led the North during the American Civil War and issued the Emancipation Proclamation in then you are not going to be restricted by choice. Books have been written about his childhood, his politics, his wartime leadership, his married life, his death, his speeches, his generals and admirals, his writing, his mental health and his legal career. Obama, a keen reader, acknowledged the influence of Goodwin's book several times as he campaigned to become president. Lincoln by David Herbert Donald, published in , is also widely acknowledged as one of the better biographies of the man. Manhunt by James L.

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  1. abraham lincoln grant The Peacemakers Wikimedia Commons In less than two centuries, about 15, books have been written on Abraham.

  2. So many books have been written about him, it's time to list the best. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by.

  3. The Peacemakers Wikimedia Commons In less than two centuries, about 15, books have been written on Abraham Lincoln and his presidency.

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