What does it mean to dream about cats and kittens

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what does it mean to dream about cats and kittens

Kittens Quotes (39 quotes)

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Published 24.12.2018

to see cat in a dream meaning

The Meaning Behind Dreams About Cats

Kittens, known also as kitties or kitty cats, are juvenile cats. Dreams about kittens may reveal your childish and immature nature. Maybe you have a childlike approach towards solving problems. In dreams, kittens might also symbolize women in your life or your feminine side. They also symbolize womanly intuition, independence and originality.

Dreams About Kittens – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about kittens are usually associated with women, their feelings and their presence in a life of a dreamer. Also, kittens dream may indicate that someone in your life will betray you soon. If you want to find out the real meaning of your kittens dream, you should take into account all details from your dream, as well as the surrounding context of a dream. The meaning of a kittens dream will be different, depending on the situation in which you have seen a kitten. It is possible to dream that you see a kitten or have a kitten or maybe you have seen in your dream a lot of kittens. Also, you should remember if the kitten was either white or black in your dream, if it was mewing or attacking you, if a kitten was running or screaming, have you seen a kittens fight, etc. Dreaming of a kitten running.

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  1. A dream about a sick cat, then, might mean that you need to listen to your Dreaming about kittens, then, could indicate that you are feeling.

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