Christian jokes about tithes and offering

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christian jokes about tithes and offering

Tithing Quotes (35 quotes)

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Published 24.12.2018

Tithing Sermon Illustrations, Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.

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Tithes and Offerings

My husband and I were newly Christian and in seminary when a friend told us about tithing. She stressed the importance of giving a full 10 percent before taxes, before anything else, so that we would be giving God the first fruits of our labor. We recoiled at the thought, but she said this practice had given God room to work miracles in her life. She and her husband had once put their last dollar in the offering plate, only to have the pastor turn around and give them the whole collection. My husband and I began this plan right away and never even considered making our tithe after taxes. It seemed petty to make such calculations when giving to a God who gave us everything, including his Son. Soon, we had settled into a pattern of giving 5 percent to our local church and 5 percent to charity.

Drop it in the plate. Smartt was fumbling in her purse for her offering when a large television remote fell out and clattered into the aisle. A devout old shepherd lost his favorite Bible while he was out looking for a wayward lamb. Three weeks later, a sheep walked up to him carrying the Bible in its mouth. I have just created a hour period of alternating light and darkness on Earth. A newly-ordained pastor, in the first days of his first call, was attempting to console the widow of an eccentric man who had just died.

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, … and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing. Malachi Choosing to live the law of tithing will be a great blessing throughout your life. A tithe is one-tenth of your income. In order to enter the temple, you must be a full-tithe payer. Paying tithing is a sacred privilege. When you pay tithing, you show gratitude for all that God has given you and return to Him a portion of what you have received.

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