Poems about greed by famous poets

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poems about greed by famous poets

Greed Quotes (1054 quotes)

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... Greed...A Collection Of 7 Deadly Sins - Poem by Eyan Desir

God fashioned man out of earth In His image and breathed life into him Woman He created for him to love Dominion over creation, He gave him Eden's Paradise, earthly heaven as his treasure Man, yet succumbed to Evil One's temptation Greed banished him from heavenly pleasure To till the earth for food; to earth, his destination Greed begets even more deprivation Man's insatiable greed has no limitation He has learnt not despite Eden's first lesson In his heart, greed to be like gods, lives on Man looks for strange gods to trust He worships the god of material riches Falls at the feet of goddess of lust Bows before goddess of envious witches His heart wears pride as the devil's crest Prowls to steal, kill and destroy: No glitches! Powers of darkness, his propriety Offers food to the god of gluttony Religion abused in the name of Almighty Alibi for rapes, killings; massacres for tyranny Rich get richer; the poor suffer in dire poverty Eco-green sacrificed to fatten an economy Rapid industrialization, at expense of man's health No regard for our children's futurity Insane to abuse and rape Mother Earth! Recklessly tampering with his posterity Suffer man with floods, drought and eco-pollution Mother Nature, suffocates in global warming Flash weather changes, flash floods displacing thousands Displaced millions more in nations that are warring Coveting a people with self-stamped ideological warrants Marriage institution wearing, gay-marriages in Cultural norms challenged and evolving Social-religious values trampled, crumpling Is this the apocalypse man's hastening? Has man begun his own grave digging? Would he relent to warning cries and sober? Rebel till it's too late? Then cry, 'Oh, my God!

Spat out of the mouth of Satan Comes forth a needy demon With desires exploding Out of proportion On the souls of selfish Victims His ambitions forgets good morals Hunger fuel in rage Passion burns insane His thirst should be quench Craving fed, yeaning comforted Give him more, give him more! His hunger is driving him insane His thirst must always be quench! Yearnings well comforted!
a brush with death a penny brannigan mystery

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Where there is a need There is always greed A rotten exploiting deed That manifests with speed When there are mouths to feed Read between the lines and take heed! Lurking around is an Inspiring greed Ready to take advantage and proceed Even when there is no need to succeed By now it is agreed, there is always greed Our desire for more always exceeds our needs Hence wealth, power and greed have always been married We always want more Sometimes I don't know what for I read to understand what generation of breed Has given birth to this senseless weed Because life is a circle of endless greed I urgently need to know, I plead Who planted this seed of greed to deliberately mislead? Give me main idea Report Reply. That was perfect Share this poem:.

Subliminal messages in a world of greed They start you young To sow the seed To get you to agree to what the powers that be want you to be They'll even take your country if they feel the need will we ever be truly free in a world of greed. Short and to the point. Report Reply. Wow, wow, Dave Walker, Very well structure, easy to read and very short-lined poem. Just how truth is the world full of greedy people Therefore, we have many wars, country boundary, patriotism spirit to split and destroy human race. I think we should go back to the basic especially religion teaching and some Buddhism Karma practice to avoid greed and selfish.

As you grow up in this world, the facts and stories that were untold slowly unfold. You are forced to bear a lot of pain Nivedita UK Report Reply. But I would say, love and greed are the two sides of the same coin. They are bad when we are too selfish and they become divine when we direct them to the welfare of mankind. CP Report Reply.

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