Dream about end of the world

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dream about end of the world

Dreams Quotes (6653 quotes)

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Published 24.12.2018


Dreams about end of the world come in many forms and are always scary; some are terrifying, while others are, at least, disturbing. We know neither how it would look like nor will it happen at all. Moreover, we know that our current lifespan is just a piece of sand in the desert we call space or universe or whatever.

7 Dreams About The World Ending, Meaning & Interpretation

I see end of world, panic, spaceships. But when I wake up, it somehow gives me a sense of beginning. You are dreaming of the end of the world as you know it — some aspect of your own private world or being that is coming to an end. No wonder you wake up with a sense of a beginning. We can only grow and change in the world for the better by ending some things so new things can begin. End old attitudes, so new attitudes can begin. End old personal world perspectives so new ones can begin.

3 simple steps to understand your dreams

It is known that our dreams are usually a reflection of our everyday life. If we are thinking of something too much or if something unusual has happened to us recently, it is possible that it will appear in our dreams. But, sometimes our dreams may not be related to our waking life, but they can have many symbolic meanings. It is important not to ignore what you have dreamed of. Sometimes our dreams may bring us knowledge and messages that are important for our future. In this article we will talk about dreaming of the end of the world.

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