5 interesting facts about the muscular system

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5 interesting facts about the muscular system

Muscles: Our Muscular System by Seymour Simon

Muscles, by Seymour Simon, is a decent book about our muscles and how to take care of them. The book states that every move a human makes is with a muscle. There are 640 muscles that are controlled such as the legs and the arms; the muscles the human does not control are the stomach muscle used for digestion. The biggest muscle is the Gluteus Maximus, also known as the butt. 40 percent of the human body is muscle and 10 percent is fat. Muscles are mostly arranged in pairs; for example, the biceps and the triceps, they both are in the arm. When biceps are stretched, triceps contract. Muscles are mostly connected to bones by narrow tissues called tendons. Muscles are made up of thin cells that are about on foot long called muscle fibers. There are 3 types of muscles, skeletal muscles, the one that we control voluntarily and they look striped under a microscope, smooth muscles, the muscles that are move unconsciously and cardiac muscles, the muscles that pump the heart and it never gets tired. To take care of those muscles, the human must exercise and stretch them after in order to avoid getting cramps. An overdose of exercise may tire a muscle and bring more painful cramps.Therefore, Muscles by Seymour Simon contains tons of surprising facts.

The topic of muscles is important. It is important because it is the reason why the human walks, run and eats. The author wrote this book to inform the reader how do humans move, how are muscles formed and how is it connected to bones. This book is nonfiction because it is about a real topic that is written by an official science author. This book could have numerous alternative titles. One title could be All About Muscles because the book talks about muscles themselves and how to take care of them by eating proteins. Examples of a protein could be, chicken, fish, beef meat and eggs. Thus, Muscles by Seymour Simon could have tons of alternative titles.

The most interesting part was the part of how to take care of the muscles. This part reminds people how important it is to take care of them because they make the body move; if they are not taken care of, painful cramps may arrive. The least interesting part was when the known information was interpreted. This part contained where are the muscles are situated. Numerous books by Seymour Simon have been read worldwide. Another science book by him would be without exception read. The book would be recommended for kids from fourth grade to seventh grade because of its overdose of information and its easy comprehension for smaller kids. Therefore, this book has a lot of information that is easily understood.

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Muscles for Kids - A fun intro to the muscular system for kids

What are the main functions of the muscular system?

Fun Facts About The Muscular System : The human body comprises of different systems interconnected with each other to serve the purpose of fulfilling all the essential and necessary functions of the body to sustain life. The muscular system is one such system which governs the functioning of all other organ systems. The other organ systems are all innervated with muscles that help in carrying out daily functions. Muscles help the body move and are also responsible for creating facial expressions as we know them. Apart from movements, the muscular system also works alongside the skeletal system to keep the body aligned and in the correct posture and also provides support.

At the simplest level, muscles allow us to move. Smooth muscle and cardiac muscle move to facilitate body functions like heartbeats and digestion.
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1. Muscles are divided into three types: smooth, cardiac, and skeletal

How your muscular system works - Emma Bryce

Do you know where the strongest muscle is? How about the smallest one? Or which part of our body has none? But as a health and wellness professional, you already know muscles well. And the truth is, they are a lot more interesting than everyone thinks. These 20 fascinating and powerful visuals on social media are just like our muscles.

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