Judge judy learns about sex toys

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judge judy learns about sex toys

SoloPlay (Come Again, #2) by Miranda Baker

Content Warnings (view spoiler)[ Cheating (married lover hides that hes married). Name calling and insults around frigidity.

Several moments where consent issues occur. (Psychic powers used without consent in order to gather sexual information; character apologizes for this afterwards. Instance of invasion of privacy and sexual harassment where an employer shows up at the employees other workplace and is sexually suggestive. Instance of pressure/coercion on the part of an employee to do sexual things as part of an exchange for labor.) Consent issues are openly acknowledged and presented as things that are not upsetting or traumatizing to the people involved. All these things were clearly conceits to move the plot along.

Sex on the page, including semi-public sex. Consensual kink (though not explicitly negotiated) including light D/s, orgasm control and bondage. (hide spoiler)]
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Published 20.12.2018

21 Year Old with 10 Kids on Judge Judy

Judge Judy

One-on-one with Judge Judy , host of the top-rated TV court show! She doesn't hold back and tonight's no exception. If the charges against Garrido are true, can he ever be rehabilitated? And what does Judge Judy make of Garrido's wife, Nancy, who is also charged in the case? Is she an accomplice or a victim, too? The husband of Denise Amber Lee - who was abducted from her home, assaulted and murdered last year.

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