Dreaming about having a family

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dreaming about having a family

Awake and Dreaming by Kit Pearson

Theo and her young, irresponsible mother seem trapped in their miserable, poverty-stricken life. Theo dreams of belonging to a “real” family, and her dream seems to come true when she is mysteriously adopted by the large, warm Kaldor family. But as time passes, the magic of Theo’s new life begins to fade, and soon she finds herself back with her mother. Were the Kaldors real or just a dream? And who is the shadowy figure who haunts Theo’s thoughts?

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family dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream you are pregnant or having a baby?

Future is something we all dream about and it is not unusual. Dream about having a family when, in reality, you are maybe dating or you are newly married, is a representation of your maternal feelings. Alternatively, this dream can also represent that you might be welcoming a newborn to the family. Someone from your close family could be pregnant and could announce the news very soon. If you had a dream about your future and, for some reason, it seemed dark and unappealing to you, then this dream could be a positive symbol. Even though you were stressed out during your dream and worried about your future, this dream symbolizes a positive period that is ahead of you. Dreams about your future that seems pleasant and fulfilling is a dream that will certainly leave you happy for the rest of the day.

Many women have dreams about expecting a baby, or have dreams where they are the happy mother of three darling little babes, though they aren't in real life. Dreaming about babies or being pregnant may happen for one of these reasons:. Maybe you consciously or subconsciously want a baby but you're too scared of the responsibility. Or perhaps you had a miscarriage and still have a frustrated desire to be a mom. Somewhere in your mind, your whole being yearns to be a mother. Maybe it's a coworker or a close friend.

To dream of close relatives represents your relations with people, you will be helped by the honored people in times of crisis To dream of your close relatives indicates that you will. Dreaming of getting along closely with your cousins indicate that the family relationship is very good.
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A Little About Dream Interpretation

If you're like me, dreaming about children can often lead to panic. Whether you dream about having a lot of children of your own or if you dream about someone else having a kid, the images your brain produces while you sleep can often scare you into thinking there's some kind of predetermined prophecy in your near future. So, what does it mean when you dream about having kids? Today, Michaels helps us to truly understand what dreams about having children could say about your life. For example, two people have a dream about a dog. One has a dog as a pet so the puppy is a symbol of friendship and the dream is about friendship and loyalty.

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  1. Dream about having a family when, in reality, you are maybe dating or you are Someone from your close family could be pregnant and could announce the.

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