Poems about down syndrome adults

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poems about down syndrome adults

Down Syndrome Quotes (12 quotes)

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Published 22.12.2018

Shakespeare performed by Down’s Syndrome adults

Your birth brought us closer As death lingered near Your strength as you struggled Gave flight to our fear Down syndrome they whispered Days after your birth Two words that portrayed A false image of your worth Those words did not tell us Of the love you would bring Or the power your smile has To make our hearts sing Down syndrome didn't tell us What kind of child you would be Filled with amazing surprises Shared with your father and me Hard work, determination, teaching and learning, it's true Down syndrome means much of this For each of us, not just you Wonder child, spirited child You've grown and you've thrived Your every achievement Still fills us with pride No matter the voice used Two words can't describe The fullness you've added To so many lives Down syndrome, those frightening words Whispered so long ago Never did they prepare me For the person I now know.

All Life Is Precious (A Memorial For An Adult Male With Down Syndrome)

They said on his first day on earth, Better far if he'd died at birth. How could they know. How could they tell the joy he'd bring, He taught our hearts the way to sing, We loved him so. We learned together through the years To show the joy, but hide the tears, They must not see. They'd never learn the hurt they caused Through thoughtless stares that on him paused So carelessly. And as he grew, we never grieved To see how little he achieved, No praise he'd lose. His progress made in life's tough school We measured with a shorter rule Than scholars use.

Scripture: Psalms Denomination: Nazarene. On behalf of the Smith family, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being here to remember the life of Larry Smith. Psalm NIV. And we celebrate the fact that this body and mind that were once so restricted have been set free. Paul mentions the idea that once the spirit departs the body, it can then return to the God who made it.

The music you hear playing in the background became a hit and one of my favorites after Logan's birth. It always makes me cry. Here is the main chorus:. Don't Laugh at Me. Don't laugh at me, don't call me names.


This page gives links to websites about organisations, books and other resources useful to parents of children and adults who have Down's Syndrome or similar disabilities which can help them overcome the obstacles they face in education, social life, and other aspects of life, and to overcome or destroy the physical and social barriers mentioned above. People with Downs Syndrome are all unique individuals. They have some things in common, but they all have different abilities and personalities as you can see from the picture above. The article was written in response to the case of Dr Leonard Arthur, who when our daughter Karen was a year old, withheld food from another baby with Downs Syndrome, who subsequently died. He was tried for murder and acquitted. This is Gordon's response.

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  1. down syndrome quotes and poems | read this inspirational quote in a Parents of children and young adults with Down syndrome offer advice to new parents.

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