What is cannery row about

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what is cannery row about

Laika the Space Dog: First Hero in Outer Space by Jeni Wittrock

The art in this book is gorgeous, but Im not sure how I feel about the text. Its The Little Match Girl of dog stories, first of all--and while I wasnt supersensitive about animals as a child, I think the way this story was told would have upset me greatly. (I showed it to my roommate, who was a supersensitive animal kid, and got the same verdict.) The way Laikas face was drawn, and the way the text was written, she seemed almost constantly unhappy and poorly treated to me.

In reality, the scientists who trained her also cared deeply for her; on the night before her fatal flight, one took her home to play with his children. That scene was not included in this book. Neither was the moment when the technicians kissed Laika on the nose before her flight. Neither, for that matter, was this statement, made by Oleg Gazenko, one of the scientists on the project:

Work with animals is a source of suffering to all of us. We treat them like babies who cannot speak. The more time passes, the more Im sorry about it. We shouldnt have done it... We did not learn enough from this mission to justify the death of the dog.

Laika is a hero of dogkind, and her story has plenty of tragedy, but by removing the brighter moments, this book doesnt do her life the justice it deserves.
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Travel Vlog: Monterey Bay + Cannery Row

Cannery Row is the waterfront street in the New Monterey section of Monterey, California. It is the site of a number of now-defunct sardine canning factories.
Jeni Wittrock

Cannery Row may be sentimental but it is far from shallow

Construction for both visitors and those looking to settle down in the area continued through the turn of the century. The construction of the elegant Tevis Estate, with carriages, cottages, and overall coastal grandeur, led to the entire development of what Cannery Row is today. After burning down for the third time, the Chinese officially fell from being the biggest fishing and canning force in Cannery Row during the s, to a tiny settlement off of China Point to McAbee Beach by World War I actually brought even more expansion to the already thriving canning industry in the Monterey Peninsula, primarily in Cannery Row. Through to , Cannery Row went from having just a few canning plants to opening up California Fisheries Co.

Cannery Row is a novel by American author John Steinbeck , published in It is set during the Great Depression in Monterey, California , on a street lined with sardine canneries that is known as Cannery Row. The story revolves around the people living there: Lee Chong, the local grocer; Doc, a marine biologist ; and Mack, the leader of a group of derelicts. A film version was released in and a stage version was produced in Cannery Row has a simple premise: Mack and his friends are trying to do something nice for their friend Doc, who has been good to them without asking for reward.

You probably know something of Monterey's Cannery Row. And, more than likely, you have garnered some awareness through news articles, travel media, and perhaps even from stories in your family of someone who canned fish or knew Monterey in the old days. Beyond that, I know that you have probably been here before-perhaps frequently-as an independent traveler or attending conferences and meetings in Monterey. In doing so, you've probably picked up some information about the Row "first hand" from locals, yarns of the Old Row from all kinds of hopefully believable sources, and a plethora of published fables from the Row's storied past. And yet for some, this may be the first time you've had a quick but authoritative checklist of what you thought you may have known about Monterey County's most popular visitor destination: Cannery Row.

If you like, you can take that statement at face value. Jokes about booze and sex and food tend to have a good shelf life.
i always loved you book

From the SparkNotes Blog

Cannery Row is a book without much of a plot. Rather, it is an attempt to capture the feeling and people of a place, the cannery district of Monterey, California, which is populated by a mix of those down on their luck and those who choose for other reasons not to live "up the hill" in the more respectable area of town.

John Steinbeck is one of the best-known and most revered American literary figures. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel Grapes of Wrath , highlighting the lives of migrant farm workers in the Salinas Valley, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in He married his first wife, Carol Henning, in They lived in Pacific Grove next to Cannery Row, where much of the material for his books was gathered. Living in Pacific Grove, in a house owned by his father, Steinbeck wrote stories spiced with the vibrant tales of cannery workers and roughnecks he knew.

Though Lee Chong puts on an external front of being profit-driven, his actions show that he ultimately places more value on people than money. Through Lee Chong, Steinbeck illustrates that people are not always what they appear to be. Mack and the boys are known throughout the Row as being good-hearted but willing to take advantage of people and situations for their benefit. Steinbeck uses Mack and the boys to critique conventional society. But Doc is loved by all and looks down on no one, no matter who they are, what they may have done, or where they may have come from. He is always there to help, whether it is through giving advice or through providing medicine or other medical services. Before Mack and the boys are able to give Doc what they consider a proper party, they need money.

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  1. Cannery Row is a novel by American author John Steinbeck, published in It is set during the Great Depression in Monterey, California, on a street lined.

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