What is the hokey pokey about

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what is the hokey pokey about

Hokey Pokey by Jerry Spinelli

Welcome to Hokey Pokey. A place and a time, when childhood is at its best: games to play, bikes to ride, experiences to be had. There are no adults in Hokey Pokey, just kids, and the laws governing Hokey Pokey are simple and finite. But when one of the biggest kids, Jack, has his beloved bike stolen—and by a girl, no less—his entire world, and the world of Hokey Pokey, turns to chaos. Without his bike, Jack feels like everything has started to go wrong. He feels different, not like himself, and he knows something is about to change. And even more troubling he alone hears a faint train whistle. But thats impossible: every kid knows there no trains in Hokey Pokey, only tracks.

Master storyteller Jerry Spinelli has written a dizzingly inventive fable of growing up and letting go, of leaving childhood and its imagination play behind for the more dazzling adventures of adolescence, and of learning to accept not only the sunny part of day, but the unwelcome arrival of night, as well.  
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The Hokey Pokey - Classic Songs - Pipalupa

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Top definition. Put the right foor in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. And thats what it all about. Teachers in schools perform satanic rituals by making students do the hokey pokey. What it's all about.

You do the Hokey Pokey, And you turn it all around, That's what it's all about No other song seems to symbolize a good time for people and bring smiles to their faces to quite the same extent as "The Hokey Pokey. It's complicated. Written to entertain Canadian troops stationed in London, the song was similar to the "Hokey Pokey" we all know today. Composer Al Tabor was also entertaining Canadian troops in wartime London, and in he wrote a participation dance song called "The Hokey Pokey. The song was a regional favorite at dances and resorts for the rest of the s, but that still isn't the song we know today.


The hokey cokey United Kingdom , Ireland and the Caribbean or hokey pokey United States , Canada , Australia and Israel [1] is a participation dance with a distinctive accompanying tune and lyric structure. It is well known in English-speaking countries. It originates in a British folk dance, with variants attested as early as The song and accompanying dance peaked in popularity as a music hall song and novelty dance in the mids in the UK. The song became a chart hit twice in the s. Despite several claims of a recent invention, numerous variants of the song exist with similar dances and lyrics dating back to the 19th century. One of the earlier variants, with a very similar dance to the modern one, is found in Robert Chambers ' Popular Rhymes of Scotland from ; the words there are given as:.

See Full Schedule. We all know the song, and we all know the lyrics. However, the history of the song itself is anything but simple. Enter British band-leader Al Tabor. He claimed to have been approached by a Canadian officer, who suggested he write a knees-up sort of song with actions. Have a lick make you jump.

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  1. Its origin is open to dispute, though we know the term was first applied to ice cream in Britain.

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