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big sean quotes about dreams

The Skin Im In by Sharon G. Flake

This book is about a girl named Maleeka who is very dark skin and thinks that she is not beautiful because of the color of her skin. But when her father died she stop believing that she was beautiful and kids started picking on her. In the seventh grade a girl named Char who is the most popular girl in the grade told Maleeka that if she did her homework Char would stick up for her, let her hang with her, and give better looking clothes because Maleekas mom made her clothes. And there is this one boy that likes her his name is caleb, and girls loved him. Including Maleeka but she thought that she wasnt good enough for him and thats where she is wrong.

Maleeks faces going to school feeling like an outcast because voices just laugh and talk about her behind her back and in front of her face. On day a teacher comes in and she too gets picked on because she has this big black mark on her face which is a birth mark. So she starts to get more envolved with Maleeka because she can feel her pain. One day Char gets into trouble and drags Maleeka so now Maleeka has to work in he office.

While working in the office Caleb starts liking her and wants to be her friend but he cant even do that because everybody talks about them and so he stops talking to her and trys too avoid even looking her way so people dont think that they are envolved with eachother. Later on Char makes Maleeka set Miss Saunders class on fire and bailing on her leaving little Maleeka to take the blame. Maleeka have a journals and where it is her own fantasy where it is inspried by her life. Where she is an ugly princess. Who have been locked away in cave looking and smellig like se havent taken a shower inwho knows what, and teeth and breath stanking, and is basiclly bald headed not literally. And the prince who too is stuck with her and he likes her for who she is no matter what she may look like. Miss Saunders likes her journal writings and tells her to do more of it and dont be afraid to go out there.

Oe day Charlease comes over to Maleeka house and tells her to come with her over a friends house. Maleeka not feeling so sure but she goes anywhere because she wants to seem cool. So goes to this neigborhood thats worse than hers. Char doesnt even pay attention to her and winds up abandoning her and now Maleeka isnt sure that where she is going is the right way she is going. Its so dark and there are three white boys walking around taunting her and they almost raped her but she got away. Wanting (going) to tell her mom but when she gets there she cant even spaek because of the way she feels.

To all come down to the end Maleeka is getting fed up with Char. Char tells her to do something and Maleeka leaves her hangig justlike she does her, pay back. Caleb has an epiphany of his own. And doesnt care what people say about him and Maleeka hanging around eachother because he enjoys being aound her. So Chars misdeeds catches up with her and she gets kicked out. And having 2 new friends Saunders and Caleb, possibly her new boyfriend. Things are looking pretty good for Maleekss new beginng.
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Big Sean - Dreams

Inspirational Big Sean Quotes on Success

External image. Log in Sign up. Big Sean big sean lyrics lyrics too fake. I need less friends more bread, less talk more head. Big Sean i decided jump out the window big sean lyrics i decided lyrics quotes words lyrics girl relationships girls boys frienships. Boss up or get bossed around.

Big sean Born on 25 March He is an America Rapper. Amazing Tiger Woods Quotes on Success. I want to be a part of culture. I want to help teach.

Big Sean often shares inspirational messages throughout his songs and Live performances around the world. We have collected a number of his inspirational words and compiled them for you for more motivation. I want to be a part of culture. I want to help teach. Osama bin Laden was famous. Tell your team about it, go make million dollar schemes about it.

Big Sean is one of the most successful American Rappers in the US right now. “Look, think about it, close your eyes, dream about it. Tell your.
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